Reggie Bush Just Can’t Let Kimmy Go

Melissa Molinaro is Reggie Bush’s new dime piece … but why does she look just like Kim K??? Oh wait, I know. It’s because she’s best known for playing Kimmy in an Old Navy commercial.

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    Nah. This chick way hotter than Kim. Really bad pic though. Remember the commercial and some other pics I saw. She’s hot but you can’t tell from the pic.

    • the1uluv2hate

      Actually they look pretty similar. Do black guys ever date black girls?

  • carol new haven ct

    REggie Bush dropped little Kim, Kim the one that got fooled. she thought Reggie was going to married her after the super bowl, she the one that got fooled. Reggie is doing the right thing taking his tine. he knows and everyone else know that Kim is like a piece of cake, all color men had a slice of her. she is like a garment, everyone tried it on. Reggie keep being single until you are ready.
    carol new haven ct