Modest Jones: “Right now, I really am at my sexual peak”

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, viewing Modest Jones’ throwback interview with Maino five years ago. After a move from New York to Las Vegas, the model, who was depicted in the Kiss & Tail: The Hollywood Jump-off, is back and better than ever. Here, XXL gets her to shed her modesty for some straightforward sex talk. Everything from the best sex to favorite positions and how to initiate a threesome are touched on. Now what’s Modest about that?

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XXL: What have you been up to the last few years?

Modest Jones: I kind of took some time to focus on my family and making money more than just being out there because I feel like I been out there enough. I got into the promotional side of the modeling and I actually been focusing on more acting. I moved all the way from New York to Vegas, so that was a big jump.

XXL: You’ve done quite a few interviews that stick out in people’s eyes, namely the Maino interview.

Jones:The Maino interview is the one that everyone brings to my attention. That’s the big one. Other than that, the other thing I get approached for a lot is the documentary for the Superhead documentary, Kiss & Tail. My face is seen a lot in that movie and a lot of people didn’t agree with my opinions in that film. But more than anything, the Maino one. People stop me in the street and ask, “So did you give him some or not?” That’s all everyone wants to know. They inbox me on Facebook. I actually filmed that in 2006 and it didn’t get poppin till 2008 and now it’s 2011 and people are still talking about it. It was so long ago. I’m still that person, though. He was telling me what he was going to do to me.

XXL:Well, did you give Maino some?

Jones: No, actually I didn’t. We exchanged numbers afterwards, but we never even hung out after that. I think we were following each other on Twitter, but that’s about as far as it went. But I know it boosted both of our careers, that little interview. When I was first offered that job, I didn’t even know who Maino was. Not taking anything away from him, but at that time – 2006 – he had just shown up. I had to look him up a little bit, but I didn’t know who I was encountering. I thought he was cute and he had a little swag to him. He didn’t beast with me too hard. I’m sure the way things went, if I wanted to get with him or any of his friends in a way that I wanted to give him booty that night, then that would have happened. I actually have not seen him since.

XXL: You were also giving online sex advice. How do you like doing that?

Jones: I love looking at everything from all different outlooks and I think that’s what makes me good at giving advice because I’m very open-minded. I’m willing to hear your side and something in my mind just puts things together. After all the experience I’ve had, which I’ll admit I’ve had a lot of different experiences, I think I can definitely help.

XXL:Oh really? Let’s call you on that. So, what do you think makes the best sex?

Jones: What makes the best sex is the connection you have with the person. After having sex with a person that I truly had feelings for and I felt like they were reciprocated, I feel like no sex ever matched up to that. So, that’s when I stopped having one-night stands. I’m not able to just meet somebody and jump in the bed with them. Whereas if you talked to me back in college, I may have told you a different story. Even for me to give my number to a guy, I have to feel that spark. I think I know right away, whether I’ll have sex with somebody.

XXL: How does a dude go about talking his girl into a threesome with another chick?

Jones: Say you’re my man. We have to be in cahoots because we have to agree on a female first of all. Once we decide, Ok she’s going to be the one. I think the most important thing is to make sure the three of us are having a good time together. I think it’s more on the girl’s end to initiate. I would try to find out if she been with a girl or wants to. For some reason, I tend to be that girl who even woman who may not be bi or know that they’re bi, seem to like me.

XXL: Are you bi?

Jones: I am bi. Only thing is at this point in my life, I’m dating in the hopes that that person could potentially be a partner. Only thing with a woman is I know I’m not going to be satisfied with just a woman for the rest of my life. So, I don’t date women anymore persay, but I wouldn’t mind bringing a gift home to daddy.

XXL: What are your turn-ons in the bedroom?

Jones: If a guy pulls my hair or sometimes says something off the wall. Definitely the hair pulling thing. That’s hot, definitely. I’ve liked when all of a sudden a guy spit down there. Guy or girl – the best thing you can do is not have rules. The minute you have rules, that’s such a turn-off. We should be open and able to explore each other. The worst thing that can happen is you can do something that’s really strange and I’ll start laughing. I say pull the hair, slap this, don’t worry about it hurting. I probably won’t even notice.

XXL: So your favorite position must be doggystyle?

Jones: Yeah, I like to be on my stomach. I like it from the back. I like it from the back . . . it’s deeper penetration and I just like it (laughing). That’s when I got my best orgasms – from the back.

XXL: What’s this about knowing you’ll have sex with someone within the first 10 seconds of meeting them?

Jones: Yes, I’ll give you an example. I’m single. Since I been here in Las Vegas, I haven’t done it with anyone. For the past month or so, I’ve been alone. Just the other day, I was out – I work in a casino – and there was a guy and we met eyes and when we met eyes, I felt something instantly. Clearly, I liked the way he looked, but it was more like an energy between us. It was like I was meant to meet him. I actually found him and gave him my number later just because I haven’t felt like that about anybody in a long time. Now when I see him, I totally want him. I totally want to sleep with him. At that moment in time, we were meant to see each other.

XXL: What can a guy do to get and keep your attention?

Jones: To keep me interested and turn me on, be yourself, be honest, look me in my eye and keep it real with me. Man, if you can handle me you really have a chance. It’s really that simple. Right now, I really am at my sexual peak.

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  • tru talk

    hott but jus another big ol slut lol

    • Modest Jones

      Thanks Boo

      • Ninja Boi

        Can’t ever complain about the eye candy…all these women are beautiful ..i surely wouldn’t mind her spending some time with me lol :)

      • Eric B

        We shuld meet!!

    • Michele P

      How can you call someone you don’t even know a slut? I think it’s couragous for her to candidly speak her mind so freely. At least she’s honest. But tell my why because a person is sexual (which I think we all are) does that make one a slut. I should hope we ALL enjoy sex and are fortunate enough to get some good sex within our lifetime. we are ALL selective and I’m quite sure have had sexual peaks and valleys where we venture out and try new things and do new things which is inclusive of people. Just be open minded and receptive and respectful of other people’s choices and experiences.

      • Pichele M

        Michele P

        Nope, your’e just a slut too. Sad. You take one of the most beautiful aspects of the human experience and dumb it down into your own personal weapon to get where you want to be with weak men. You’re mentality towards sex is the reason its become such a boring and useless fad that you can see anywhere and get anywhere. Theres nothing special or rapturous about it anymore, its just like shaking hands. You also help spread disease, so thanks for that too. This girl is butt ugly by the way.

        • Michele P

          That’s funny. How am I a slut and I’m not even sexually active? I simply respect other people’s choices. What I do in my life is my business and what they do in their lives is their business. I don’t have to do what others do to simply respect what they do. I’m simply saying respect the choices of others and what makes THEM happy. If you don’t like it in your life DON’T DO IT. Not everyone has to be a follower, its okay to lead and its also okay to dance to your own tune. By the way, careless sex without honesty and knowledge is what spreads diseases. Open and honest and mature people who use protection don’t.

    • http://Twitter Idolator

      This is a woman who knows what she likes and is not afraid to speak her mind…..WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?!!!!
      You people who criticize have small minds, and possibly small d**ks, thus your need to label her with the overused word “slut” so grow up and accept the fact that woman today have choices and can make them freely. You Go Modest – Best of luck to you out there in Vegas!
      PS: nnnn you have the option of not logging onto the site, duh!

  • totally

    Modestly speaking, I’d totally f her silly.

  • crest


  • Da Critic

    Her sex appeal is undeniable and I would definitely wear out that vagina.
    Glad to hear she realize she needs a man cuz that carpet munchin’ dike mess goes but so far!

  • nnnn

    This is hip hop news? When some slut who random slut decides he’s reached her sexual peak? Seriously? She’s not even attractive. Fuck this site. You guys are a joke. Wheres the substance? Wheres the fucking class? Yes you’re a slut, and you have no class, and no respect, and you have nothing to offer, and its your fault. You sell one of the greatest human experiences and completely bastardize it. This is suppose to be sexy to you guys? Are we fucking middle schoolers? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.



  • C’z

    It is what it is, men we are allowed to be sexual but a women can’t, I just think because she is in different circles then a normal girl you call her a slut because seen been with entertainers, its life and you can’t judge because honesty as a man, single man, I’m always open for a nice session with a beautiful woman and I know females feel the same way sometimes you just don’t hear a lot of them saying it, live ya life.