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Photography courtesy of Ian Shirley and Benjamin Yamoah

REPS: Toronto, Canada

STATS: 34D-27-41

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “[I was] featured in the television series, Da Kink In My Hair starring singer, songwriter and actress Keshia Chanté.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Rick Ross. Lyrically and physically, he’s one of the best in the game. Also I got to rep for my city and say Drake [’cause] ‘I just wanna be successful’.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “’Taylor Gang’ [by] Wiz Khalifa. It relates to chilling and life in Toronto. We love to have fun.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: [I want to work for] Mr.Diddy. He brings a certain class to what he does, and he’s been in the game forever. I also think it sends a statement being chosen for one of his videos – like if Puff hired you, who wouldn’t?”

SEX APPEAL: “I’m sexy, pretty, down to earth and a G. Next to my body, I have to say my smile and eyes are some of my best assets. [I’ve] been told my smile can melt the coldest heart.”

TURN-ON: “Someone who is strong, sexy, outgoing, dresses well, financially motivated, [and] considerate of my feelings dreams and needs. But if need be, can put somebody in their place real quick – a boss.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @mlydiam or

Are you an aspiring model or know someone that feels worthy of being XXL Web Candy of the Week? Submit your best shots to us at for consideration. Good luck!

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  • tre

    i got to move to toronto, get me a lydia. you banging girl

  • jigz

    milk does a body good.. can i lick it off you babes

  • jblaze

    Shit i been on this girls website Damn this girl is pretty and she got ass. she has other models on her site too they all cute. Damn i need to go to canada

  • Pa Da Fonz

    Thanks for the positive comments so far. Please check out for more about lydia and other beautiful models and talented artists from Toronto aka T dot.. She available for video/photo shoots/hosting parties/ TV ads/films… Where Beauty Lives!!!!!! contact information for lydia and other on

  • yung MIA

    damn…lydia your ass is crazy welcome in miami anytime babe

  • hakim

    girl you sexy as f**K, you one of the best web candy i have seen in awile on here. aint canada cold? come to atl babes.

  • DivaDoness

    Go head girlie!!!!!! Is where its at!

  • Antonio

    xxxxxxl nice, one of the best this year!

  • p da fonz

    if you’re looking for models to be in videos/photo shoots/films/hosting your parties/runway or fashion show visit beauty

  • who the F cares

    She said that rick ross is the best lyrically in the game right now… -___- smh what a dumbass

    but modeling wise shes great

    • miss lydia

      rick ross is one of the best in the game. i know you be listening to his shit too. dont hate cuz

  • j money

    home girl is cute as hell..i got to go canada. Great face and body for videos too. tired of see wack ass girls in videos. artist get at her

  • johnny boy

    GOT MILK????????damn she sexy. XXL now you talking…

  • MIA

    DDDDAAAAMMMMNNN. U sexy as hell girl..Johnny boy, you right finally XXL is putting fine ass females on the website

  • tbfanss

    She is Ok. I have seen better at my local store. Not hating just saying.

  • Mroc

    sounds like you hating on the girl partner..Be real she’s a pretty as girl. tell me where those local store at that you see girls like her?????? Lol One of the best web candy girl on xxl in a min..Do your thing girl and let the haters hate

  • miss lydia

    Thanks for the luv everybody im excited to be eyecandy for XXL i appreciate the luv and the support check out my website I hope you video directors and artists out there are checkin this out!!! U guys aint seen nothin yet. Special Thanks to XXL for puttin this girl onnnnn!!! (yes five n’s) ive got so much luv for ya.

    hers lookin at u kid (Bobby McLymont) xo miss lydia

    • Amber

      Love your pics girl keep up the great work..and i hope for much more success to come your way you deserve it hun!

  • boss

    you a G, well im boss. wanna be my ride and die G????? You mad cute girl..Where’s toronto??

  • tone

    i think oh girl is right about rick ross being one of the best in the rap game today.. Cuz above right about oh girl and modeling shit, she sexy as your ting girl.. chi-town aint mad at cha..

  • sammie

    this web candy girl is a good look for xxl. very beautiful girl wow wow..One of the best in months..

  • philly rep

    good for modeling , but she aint all that… i mean shes ok.. 8 out of 10 at best..

  • p da fonz

    philly rep!!!!!!your comment doesnt add up bro. She”s good for modeling, but she aint all that. would you say lebron is good for ball, but he aint shit????anyhow thanks for the comment. when you free go check out…where beauty lives…

  • sweetz

    Good for you miss Lydia..keep doing your thing look great..This is just the beginning …Toronto let’s get it

  • kushy

    always love to look at beautiful females…sweetie you sexy as hell. the hottest female on here today…love that ass pictures… rappers i want to see her in videos…just showing love from van city…..

  • p da fonz

    To find out more about Lydia, visit…where beauty lives

  • Monsta man aka harvi ;)

    Oh should be on the cover of the magazine daymm u fine…nuff love chick..carry on with ya bad self you’ll go far ;)

  • Raye Rosko

    So damn fyne but yet humble and stays motivated…Bigs up Lydia!!

  • MsRissa

    Keep doing your thing girl!! Looking fly as always xo

  • Camille

    I love to see us girl from Toronto doing there thing good job Lydia you look so hot. you be killing em ;D

  • http://xxl barber

    fuckin sexy i love me some lydia toronto we the best

  • Mizz Linda

    Get em girl!!!!!!!

  • Keno El Prezidente

    Some of the sexiest females come out of Toronto… Keep reppin your city beautiful

  • Luman

    Toronto’s FINEST and no longer best kept Secret!! You doing it girl and you got the Country behind you!!



  • amber

    Hey Girl! im so happy to know u are accomplishing so much in life. Those are some sexxy ass pics miss.. Congrats and keep doin BIG THINGS!

  • scizor

    bangin. T dot representing. Xxl and KING need to give this dime the cover!!!

  • Bonnie

    OMG Congrats Lyds!!! About time they featured you here — HOTTEST b*tch in the T.DOTTTT!!!

  • mark

    DDDAAAMMMNNN. Im willing to play football with you any day sweetie. damn XXL have 2 girls as eye candy of the month and this lydia girl is killin em….XXL show lydia so real love and make her eye candy of the month…chi-town behind you too girl… told my niggas, we gotta go canada

  • Preacha Merciless

    Keep doing your thang Miss Lydia! You making us proud!

  • cap aka yung one

    WWWWWOOOOOWWWW.You can get it and alot more sexy lady…im check your website out. Im rapper from atl and will be shooting alot of videos for my upcoming album….I want you in them… will get back to you will details…But damn thats what toronto has to offer….sexy babes.. do your ting…

  • tracy

    congrats on the web candy. You have that modeling type look to you. very beautiful.

  • Beagle Don

    big up miss lydia blessing n luv all the way skies the limit

  • IsesAisa

    so true you have a brilliant smile. Anyone who speaks to you will know right away that they experienced sunshine on the stormiest day. Continue to be beautiful and stay blessed!

  • yaaadymarko

    Goin retro… Talk about coca cola bottle shape and curve curvzz!! Damn girl u BLESSED!! Canadians no longer have a need to warm their houses in winter with you around! Your HOT!! Hats off 2 u Miss Lydia.

  • Dr.West

    DAMN>>>> you should be on the FRONT page for XXL…. i dont think any other model here can touch you….
    Really good to see that there are still FINE beautiful women in TDOT….
    if i was to vote out of 10, i would have to say 20
    hands down…

  • dean vandermeulen

    DIVA! the most beautiful and nicest lady here xo

  • yung ent

    Ur ass is crazy nice…one of the best web candy this year for sure…XXL should take those 2 wack bitches from eye candy and put you there…you killin em sexy

  • p da fonz

    to learn more about lydia, visit at her for videos n photo shoots/runway/hosting parties/ Tv ads/fashion show/films… where beauty lives…

  • Pilzz

    Mad….T dot large up yourself

  • great 1

    feeling that milk picture,we all know that milk does a body damn sexy oh girl.

  • Asun

    Keep doin ya thing lady! Nothing but positive vibes!

    Sending some T.O love

  • Panther

    Daaayuuum…..what a dime plus tax!!! Keep the CHANGE!!!!!! Toronto stand up………literally….MAD TING !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bloodline ent

    finally XXL hitting us with some real sexy ass girls. That lydia girl is sexy as hell. ppl check out repping maryland all day.

  • baldwin

    She is so gorgeous. I would put a ring on her in a heart beat. feeling that thick ass.

  • jess

    congratulation lydia, but lets be serious you should be on the motherfucking cover. keep killin em

  • brandy

    Congrats girl, its about time ppl start to know that toronto girls are beautiful. Reppin toronto. you look so pretty in those pictures girl. keep doing your ting..

  • ChaCha

    yes yes Toronto’s own – Miss Lydia!! Beautiful inside and out <3 young, fun and ALWAYS bout her business! Just another step up the ladder mama…keep climbin!! Much love and blessings xo

  • ray

    damn. his girl is sexy as hell. why isnt she on the cover of XXL. Can’t wait to see you in videos. 11out of 10 for real.

  • sasha

    I think I’m in Love. sexy as hell and body on point too. XXL isn’t doing you no justice by not having you on the cover.

  • sammy

    You deserve to be eye candy of the month, over those airbrush bitches. keep doing your thing girl.

  • Matix B

    Glad to see home grown talent doing it BIG. No shade-just LOVE-Up the ante on the other models-they are not ready.

  • p da fonz

    to learn more about lydia go to holla for videos/photo shoots/TV ads/hosting parties/films/runway/fashion show and more. Where Beauty Lives

  • thuglife

    she aint shit.

    • p da fonz

      Thanks for the comment thuglife. Take this in for a second or 2. you said she aint shit, but you took time out of your life to leave her a comment.lllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooollllllllllllllll. Where Beauty Lives

  • Indee Radio



    Thanks to everybody showin support luvin the feedback i really am touched. Im not just doin this for me but 4 us Canadians EH!!! hehehe keek leavin those comments…Lets Get it!

  • Sstyles


  • Paul J

    Miss Lydia is smokin HOT! Check her out on I’m from Ohio….Have to visit Toronto – SOON!

  • lisa willams


  • pegs frederick

    sexy as hell my god

  • sherry felix

    can u be my girl or what lol

  • breezy

    eyy i see you doing your ting puting your city on the map , big homie P doing it big , & all the models on your all beautiful ladys ill be sure to keep on viewing yur website where beauty lives

  • Teekay

    beautiful woman great body keep doing ur thing misslydia

  • Tracee

    Keep aiming for the stars hun

  • Alexis Mo’neyy

    My sister is on point! Congrats on the piece babes you look amazing as always, I wish you the best of luck as you head further into your career/dream. I’m very proud of you for what you have accomplished and I’m looking forward to seeing much more from you. Love you always.
    Lil Sis.xo

  • tyga

    damn girl.. body on point

  • barkz

    love the way you repping toronto pretty lady. you shouls be eye candy of the month. fuck those airbrush bitches. congrats.

  • creepz


  • samantha

    so happy for you girl. keep doing your thing, no hating but you really should be eye candy of the month over those 2 girls. imean they cute, but you pretty..

  • Romez Nottz Town

    Reppin UK aka london. this girl just beautiful. damn

  • Jabbaryusuf Rob

    girl you welcome in florida anytime. she sexy as hell. was on your facebook and just show support for a beautiful female..

  • icon

    sorry for the late msg lydia, but girl you know you always killing em. You doing toronto justice. we will be in touch sexy lady. reppin canada

  • Mariano

    sexy as ever. i respect the fact that you let everyone know you were featured on here. true hustler, keep up the good miss lydia.

  • Krispy

    she ok. i mean i would have her in my videos.

  • ron

    congrats to my lydia and P. this a real good look for you guys. t dot get behind them

  • SkyBlue

    Lydia…hands down winner, beautiful inside out, plus on her hustle game….gotta check out

    • p da fnoz

      thanks for the love skyblue. get the word out for us in DC. ppl remember you can find out more about lyida at where beauty lives

  • classy lady

    ppl lets stop the bullshit, this girl aint shit. dont let the ass fool you. just a regular hoe. she cute but just regular girl

    • ticks

      wow. this coming from someone with the name classy lady. i dont think the term hoe is classy at all. but thanks for taking time out of your life to look at the beautiful lydia M. plz leave more comments on her website where beauty lives.. holla at me. im the PR rep

  • Jbreeze

    Damn she’s hot…I can see why she was chosen as this weeks feature

  • J – Z

    WOW….I’m feeling dem finga, tips hips and lips….big up to Royalty entertainment u dunno we the biggest BOSS in da world right now

  • Dolo

    Damn this girl is from Toronto? I got to make a trip up north real soon! Good choice XXL.


    Absolutely stunning! I checked out her site and has even more pics there. This girl is a dime and a half..real talk!

  • get n papa

    stunning is right player, can t wait to see this sexy as girl in video. really like that milk shit. i love to drink and lick up things

  • trish

    Congrats lydia and I wanted to show love from few days back but didn’t get time until now. girl you beautiful and your heart is better. nuff luv.and good luck

  • phong

    wow this girl sexy as hell……..what more can i say. (jay z)

  • sandy

    you be killin em lydia. this is a really good look for you.

  • blunt n money

    was on your site., i’m feeling the models.

  • rayon

    showing you from twitter. keep up the good work. XXL has so banging females on here.

  • carl

    cant wait to seemore of you in videos hun. milk is really good for the body.

  • t dot mvp

    toronto aka t dot all day. lydia is doing it.

  • freak101

    just like those 2 hoes above, you cute, but the body damn. i would fuck the shit out of you. sorry but i have to be real

  • addiction

    this web candy bitch, is better then the 2 eye candy of the month bitches.. she a sexy as bitch..

  • Ceddy

    You shouldn’t be web candy of the week, you should be xxl’s web candy of the year!!!! This is a good look.

  • Simon

    My gurl from the hammer doin it!

  • tyblack

    zan wit da lean

  • Ruff Ryder

    I want her in my bedroom, how much does she cost ?
    this is a serious inquiry

    • p da fonz

      thanks for the comment. You can buy her calendar, that way you will have lydia every month.. Look out for miss lydia work out dvds coming soon. to learn more about lydia visit Where Beauty Lives

  • baller

    XXL hands down. finally your magazine did a good job and got a fine ass girl for once.. that lydia girl is pretty as fuck.

  • infra-red

    Can i lick the milk off your body sexy girl???one of the best web candy i have seen on here. damn you sexy

  • amanda

    looking so sexy as alway lydia. I was on your website as well. Keep doing your ting and all the best. FYI… should be eye candy of the month over those girls.

  • black barbie

    she be killin eeemmm. go ahead and doing your ting sexy girl. reppin t dot

  • Guerrilla Pimp

    she good. better than other that have been on here over the past months..

  • sean

    soooo beautiful

  • karim

    damn this girl is sexy..10 out of 10 for sure. good look for videos

  • roc da kidd

    beautiful and tall too. love that , just showing love from UK. i got milk

    • miss lydia

      thanks hun. hey go to my website to find out more about me. Maybe you can be rep for us out there in the UK. Tell your friends that where beauty lives

  • $$$$$$

    can i be your quarterback the next time you in the mood for football.. you fine

  • jada

    no homo, but she really is a very sex girl.

  • amoy

    Congrats on showing XXL that toronto is fill with eye candys. looking pretty as ever girl.

  • ticks


  • Carrim Kane

    rick ross isn’t close to being one of the best in the game. but oh girl sexy tho..Reppin Ohio

  • Millz

    This girl is fire! where did XXL find her? This girl should be on da cover

    • miss lydia

      awwww. =you think i should be on the cover. Well lets wait and see what my future holds. For now visit to learn more about me. thanks to xxl for featuring me and hopefully this wont be the last time im in XXL

  • abdi H

    u fine as hell. im from toronto too, where r u from??

  • Baller

    I’m from the T-dot too and this girl is doing us proud. We got Melissa Ford now we have Lydia

    • miss lydia

      thanks to melissa ford for paving the way for myself and other beautiful models to do their thing, but im trying to be better than melissa ford. i rap, act and sing as well. check out my music on under feature.

  • connie

    So happy for you lydia. Keep up the good work. you’re truly a beautiful and sexy girl. I know you will do good with your model career, so dont forget about us XOXOXOXOX

  • Hype

    Is this girl real? They really make girls that fine? DAMN!

    • Miss Lydia

      Awww thanks hun. visit my website and you can see and learn more about me. tell your friends.

      • p da fonz

        yes they do make girls like her and alot more. just visit and you will find

  • Dre aka AK

    better than the two wackass hoes XXL have as eye candy of the month.

  • Goreller


  • tatiana

    average girl you see around rappers and ball players. 7/10 at best. look at her forehead

  • natty

    congrats on being featured as web candy Lydia

  • j money

    wow strong beautiful girl. guess that milk is working. u can get it and more

    • p da fonz

      visit to see how good milk real does her body. plus check out the other models that we have on site

  • OG

    why are you web candy? you better looking than the 2 horse looking bitch

  • killah

    pretty, sexy and a G. you my type of bitch. oops girl. real talk you beautiful ma

  • http://sincerehustleent,com Young Greed

    average ass girl, but im not going to hate i can see the model in you. Fuck you way better than some of the ugly hoes that xxl keep putting on here.

    • miss lydia

      far from average,, but thanks anyhow hun for the comment.

  • dana

    just check your website and i love that song brown eye girl. You true a beautiful young lady and i wish you all the best.

  • p da fonz

    misslydia,com where beauty lives. visit the site to learn more about lydia. Thanks to xxl for giving her his chance to showcase her beauty to the world.

  • loso


  • blessed20

    Beautiful as ever. Keep doing your thang girl Bless.

  • solo233

    Sexy as hell !!!!!

  • ahmed

    love the way you reppin for your city and country pretty lady. toronto get behind lydia.

  • dee bookz

    looking real good girl

  • shawn

    i think im in love

  • mucka

    Miss you got it going on Success is in Your Midst,”I see ya” Hammer Life.

  • Stephanie Jones

    Love my Toronto Ladies very sexy pictures. Hope to be working with you very Soon XoXo

  • @Kanary_Kushtine

    #POW #POW #POW Lydia Is Super Sexy Best Believe That! AND……She’s Reppin For Us Toronto Hot Bitches! Do Da Damn Thing Girl

  • kiki

    say what ??? say Miss Lydia !!!! girl you’re so beautiful !!!! so glad you representing for Canada all my love

  • bonezwildlife

    im loving it babes u sexy as hell

  • SpecialK

    Thats my girl! Lookin’ good as always… reppin’ Dream Team.. Im proud of u..if u all dnt kno this girl is Top Model Chick.. Luv u

  • nv allstar

    front page girl cookies and milk …WOW

  • freakyB

    daaaam girl, you’re gorgeous !!!!! mmmmm

  • Torontosknown

    SMH – Any girl can go have surgery to enhance their busts and butts. Whats so sexy about silicone?? Maybe if they were born that way sure. Lydia needs to post a side by side pic of her back in 2005 Ha!!

    Guys interested in BIGGER is swelling these chickens heads. Lydia looked better when she didnt add a butt or boobs!

  • raggashanti

    lydia chlamidia still going strong ,happy hours at the barton street rub an tug is still going on hun ?

  • OJ

    sexy, successful and motivated. You got it all going on right now Miss Lydia. Toronto’s finest, stand up!

  • UPYours

    Umm why doesn’t she rep her real city-HAMILTON…oh b/c her rep is salt in that city-she used to turn tricks on barton street- now stripping at Diamonds is an upgrade. Only her and her raggity crew big up her head. She should be posted on

  • Zimmy

    looks like somebody with a monster cock just bust on her back
    that aint milk

  • Brikk GED – Cash Camp Records

    You r doing your thing hun. Keep it up I see your shine growing in the Dot. Hustle Hard

  • Tachia

    Big Up! TO TDOT!!! you’re gorgeous girl :)… Keep it up girl and bring it home <3

  • Free Plugin Central

    As bad as it may sound, I sometimes enjoy reading comments more than the actual blog.


    u GUYS r SLEEP …. SHE BARELY a 7

  • yortel

    High definition of Candy for the Eyes, need her on the front page of the magazine.Hope the Editors are reading this

  • jeff wawia

    WHAT good thing your arm is in the view of your hangover (gut) . what do you model cottage cheeze ??????

  • yo boi