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Photography courtesy of Ian Shirley and Benjamin Yamoah

REPS: Toronto, Canada

STATS: 34D-27-41

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “[I was] featured in the television series, Da Kink In My Hair starring singer, songwriter and actress Keshia Chanté.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Rick Ross. Lyrically and physically, he’s one of the best in the game. Also I got to rep for my city and say Drake [’cause] ‘I just wanna be successful’.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “’Taylor Gang’ [by] Wiz Khalifa. It relates to chilling and life in Toronto. We love to have fun.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: [I want to work for] Mr.Diddy. He brings a certain class to what he does, and he’s been in the game forever. I also think it sends a statement being chosen for one of his videos – like if Puff hired you, who wouldn’t?”

SEX APPEAL: “I’m sexy, pretty, down to earth and a G. Next to my body, I have to say my smile and eyes are some of my best assets. [I’ve] been told my smile can melt the coldest heart.”

TURN-ON: “Someone who is strong, sexy, outgoing, dresses well, financially motivated, [and] considerate of my feelings dreams and needs. But if need be, can put somebody in their place real quick – a boss.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @mlydiam or www.misslydia.com

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