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Photography courtesy of MQImages Inc, Magic City Studio and Leetric

REPS: Baton Rouge, LA

STATS: 34C-27-39

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “My very first print feature which was in the January 2011 issue of Stunnaz Magazine.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Kanye West because of his musicality and his cleverness with his lyrics. He is one of the few artists whose albums I can actually listen to without skipping any songs.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My favorite video is ‘No BS’ by Chris Brown. It is very sexy and it gets me in the mood every time I watch it.”

DREAM JOB: “Colin Tilley is my favorite director and I would love to be a lead in one of his R&B videos that people will remember for years. He’s not only directed my favorite video mentioned above, but a lot of other incredible videos for Chris Brown and some other heavy hitting artists. I also love that his music videos have creativity to them with the props, wardrobe and lighting.”

SEX APPEAL: “I [am] physically attractive, [have] a very down-to-earth personality and can hold an intelligent conversation. I have Master’s degree in Computer Science and I’m working towards my Ph.D. I think that is more than enough brains. My best physical quality is my legs. They are long, slender and look great in a pair of heels.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate fantasy is to get freaky on the beach. Yeah cliché I know, but I have yet to do it. What turns me on about the opposite sex is sex appeal, confidence, intelligence and stability. My ideal man makes me have dirty thoughts every time I think about him; knows how to keep me; can talk about something other than reality TV; and can take care of himself.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @LoveLeeHill and www.loveleehill.com

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