Kimberlee Hill, And Her Dirty Brain [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of MQImages Inc, Magic City Studio and Leetric

REPS: Baton Rouge, LA

STATS: 34C-27-39

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “My very first print feature which was in the January 2011 issue of Stunnaz Magazine.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Kanye West because of his musicality and his cleverness with his lyrics. He is one of the few artists whose albums I can actually listen to without skipping any songs.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My favorite video is ‘No BS’ by Chris Brown. It is very sexy and it gets me in the mood every time I watch it.”

DREAM JOB: “Colin Tilley is my favorite director and I would love to be a lead in one of his R&B videos that people will remember for years. He’s not only directed my favorite video mentioned above, but a lot of other incredible videos for Chris Brown and some other heavy hitting artists. I also love that his music videos have creativity to them with the props, wardrobe and lighting.”

SEX APPEAL: “I [am] physically attractive, [have] a very down-to-earth personality and can hold an intelligent conversation. I have Master’s degree in Computer Science and I’m working towards my Ph.D. I think that is more than enough brains. My best physical quality is my legs. They are long, slender and look great in a pair of heels.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate fantasy is to get freaky on the beach. Yeah cliché I know, but I have yet to do it. What turns me on about the opposite sex is sex appeal, confidence, intelligence and stability. My ideal man makes me have dirty thoughts every time I think about him; knows how to keep me; can talk about something other than reality TV; and can take care of himself.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @LoveLeeHill and

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  • Da Critic

    Intelligent and Looks like she’s amazing in bed.I would definitely keep her thinking dirty thoughts.

  • Queen B

    480- 528- 8687…. sext me =*

    • Get a life, loser.

      sext me back

  • HU

    I give this girl webcandy of the decade. She is the opposite of every other hoodrat that has been on here. She has far more education than any XXL staff member and could improve the quality of writing on this shameful site. I pray to Zeus, Jesus, Allah, and Vishnu that she doesn’t pay attention to hood niggas with tattoos, white tees, rims, and anything less than a bachelor’s degree (unless they use intelligence to earn a good living w/o formal education). This type of dude dominates young black culture and needs to be eradicated. If it becomes widespread that you can’t get women while acting stupid it will stop and the thugs on the corner will hit the books.

  • $$$$$moneybaggs

    XXL yyyyyyyyyyy????? right back to the ugly ass bitches again..Take this fuckin he/she down..wackass hoe

    • Dead President

      hahaha ‘moneybags’… exactly 1st word wat u said, she XXL..nah ok she XL rated homie but she still bangin, & u slippin. wat u expectin 2 see, homo .
      shot #4 – owww

      • Antonio

        Agreed XXL and a half. (I don’t get all the homo he/she comments either, you didn’t comment on the last two so I wondered if the Dead Pres was truly dead….this time!)

  • 3_D_Turn_Er

    Definitely nice to know a little bit more about you, your intelligence can actually be quite scary to some people around you, no wonder you hate “racks” so much

  • 225 DJT

    Give this woman a spread in the XXL mag a very good person right here

  • Magic City Studio

    Beauty, brains and sex appeal!



  • Mike

    Why does she have to put her hand in front of her tits!?! This woman is kiling me!