Keani Cochelle: 6’1″ and 36-29-47

XXL: What’s this about you playing serious college basketball?

Cochelle: I played for NC State for a couple of years and then transferred to Pepperdine. I played power forward, but I’m good on the outside and inside, so I’m versatile. I’ve been playing basketball since the third grade.

XXL: And tell us about the boxing.

Cochelle: I’m always big on seeing things and saying, ‘I can do that better.’ A boyfriend of mine at the time was into boxing and promoting boxers and stuff. I’d see the women fight and I’d say, ‘I can do that.’ So, I started training and I would say in about a year, two years was planning on fighting Laila (Ali), but she had her baby. I was going to take her dad’s style and use it against her, but it never happened.

XXL: I don’t know if you caught it, but Lil Wayne made his crush on Notre Dame player Skylar Diggins evident by rocking her jersey at one of his concerts earlier in the year. Ya’ll might be the baddest amongst the female ballers, ha? Female ballers can be sexy.

Cochelle: Yeah. My mom always had ribbons in my hair, when I was running down the court. I’ve always had my nails painted. I’ve always been a girly, girl off the court and on the court, really. But at the same time, I’m athletic, competitive and want to win. I speak to young women athletes a lot and tell them that you don’t have to be manly and butch to play sports. You can still carry yourself as a woman and be sexy with it.

XXL: What kind of reaction would you get in college off the court?

Cochelle: A lot of guys are intimidated, though. I was as tall as they were, very focused and smart, but sexy as well. They were intimidated, but I’m very down to earth and approachable. They’d always want to hang out with me and get at me. They would try to challenge me on the court, but that really didn’t work out.

XXL: Well, we can tell you’re serious about your basketball. So, we called a quick huddle in XXL offices and came up with a way to go 1-on-1 with you. We’re going to name a hoops term and you tell us what comes to mind in the bedroom.

Cochelle: (Laughing) Ok, that’s cool.

XXL: Fast Break.

Cochelle: I would say quickies.

XXL: Goaltending.

Cochelle: Umm . . . goaltending would be going out before I get mine, I guess. Finishing before I get mine.

XXL: Backcourt violation.

Cochelle: Oh my gosh, you guys are crazy. Backcourt violation – They would get turned down, not even allowed in the game. They would get taken out the game.

XXL: Double-dribble.

Cochelle: Oh my God (laughing)! Two hands on my ass. Palming the butt.

XXL: Banging in the post.

Cochelle: Going hard, taking it all the way, not backing down.

XXL: Backdoor cut.

Cochelle: Face down, ass up. Doggystyle.

XXL: Technical foul.

Cochelle: Not giving me head. Yeah, that’s a technical foul.

XXL: Give and go.

Cochelle: I guess, a one-night stand (laughing).

XXL: Pick and roll.

Cochelle: Hitting it and falling asleep.

XXL: Double team.

Cochelle: A threesome.

XXL: You could always say that you never played 1-on-1 like this.

Cochelle: Exactly. Now I know what guys think when they say let’s play 1-on-1. They’re thinking of all those terms.

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  • ron

    she is badd… beauty x intelligence = XXL

  • John Juan

    Second that, homie. Jesus Christ, she’s H-O-T! 1

    • Get the fuck outta here

      she look like a black Lou Ferigno.

  • Da Critic

    She’s GORGEOUS,plays ball & sounds intelligent.
    She would have to carry my seed!!!
    Give me one day with shorty & I’ll make her wanna marry a nigga!

    • enough already. She ain’t no model. Just some hood rat that look like William “The Fridge” Perry

      Just cause you in a rap video and some lowlifes snap your picture that don’t make you a model.
      Put this bitch next to someone like Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly Christina Milian she woulld look like a monster.
      Actually she look like that anyway plus she’s a man you retards.

      • BEAR


  • O. From da Block


  • xavier

    GOT DAYUM and its see through wit no panies ;)

  • connoiseurATL

    Yes Lawd!!! she been on my model radar for a minute. Glad you getting some primetime mainstream shine sweety.

    • You Should Be Ashamed


  • RedRocBoy

    Been on baby girl for awhile. She is goregous. I’m 5’10 I wouldn’t give a fuck. I’d wife the shit outta her tall sexy ass.

    • No Doubt

      More niggas been in her than been in Rikers Island.
      I don’t think she look like the fridge though she looks more like Godzilla.

  • Keani Cochelle

    <3 ya'll Keani Cochelle

  • TNasty

    Dizammn!! Them legs and that azz would have me shedding tears of joy comin in you!! I’m tricking for life!!

    • Seriously


      • JD

        Shorty is nutz!!! You prob just mad cus your weak ass cant handle a broad like this…. You sound bitch made for days homie! type a nigga that prob dump a broad cus she gota scratch in her polished nails. Yo ass prob wish she was a man LOLOLOL.

        • Do you spit or swallow JD you fuckin fag ass bitch

          JD your initials must stand for just dick cause when asked if you like pussy or cock that’s your response just dick. C’mon man this chick got a bigger dick than you. So fucking funny that niggas being thinking this shit is hot.

  • trenton watts

    She is super super super dope. XXl yall be slumming it sometimes ( one shorty fro York Pa and some others) but she is dimed out. Nice tall and thick. One of the dopest eye c’s i have seen

  • Crossword


  • LOL

    One of the ugliest bitches I ever seen in my life. Either she posted the good comments herself or there some really disturbed people out there.
    What are you guys thinking.
    Look at the pictures. She looks like a troll.

  • Antonio

    I can work with her being the same height as me.

    I can work with that number -47-

    I like a natural body, don’t like photoshop though.

    I don’t care about much else.

    I just don’t know what to make of the internet, why is it that people think they got the right to write the shit they do about these girls they have never met, probably never will meet, sitting in the moms houses with a computer maybe.
    If you don’t like the look of these women here, you are on the wrong site, go back to the fucking Disney channel.

    • Suck Her Cock, Weiner Luva.

      If she’s gonna be in a profession based on her looks she has to be able to take harsh or even hurtful criticism.
      Plus if you look like her and your trying to convince the world you’re a beautiful model then you’re just asking for trouble.
      If some stupid muthafucka puts out terrible music and claims to be one of the best artists that would generate alot of warranted criticism in the same way.
      If you need proof she used to be a man then look at the fucking pictures. Thanks for the tip on the Disney channel though. The girls there actually look like girls.
      Fuck You Gay Boy.

      • Antonio

        So what you are saying is you had a cock once?

        Then she had an operation to make her a girl?

        So tell me this, was it after they surgically removed that big ole cock that they stitched it on your forehead………Dickhead!

  • Da Critic

    I agree with you Antonio,if you don’t like Keani or can’t handle a woman being taller than you then show some respect & shut the fuck up!
    Provide evidence she’s a dude or accept the fact you are a PUSSY!
    You look GREAT Keani Cochelle!!

    • Da Critic of What? Dudes you wanna blow!

      show some respest and shut the fuck up.
      In other words “do as I say and not as I do”.
      You need to get out of the closet homo.
      What is with all this fags on here lately. Go read your Quran again you fucking cocksucking bastards!

  • Alex

    she’s soooooooooooo hot, am already sweating – lol

  • kim

    Great blog post I Love everything sports , cheers from brazil

  • thor

    from the hate and negative comments some of you must be kinding ugly, a man this is pure ignoranance for the disney person you like them young huh! just sayin I for one would like to see what your queen looks like?