Jennifer Skye jokes that she thinks it’s her “hair” that has people comparing her to Kim Kardashian. Well, her hair . . . amongst other asstributes, er, attributes. The Puerto Rican bombshell, who has been seen in videos for Fat Joe’s “Slow Down” and Fabolous’ “Love Come Down,” comes equipped with 34C-27-39 measurements – yeah, that’s right 39 – in a 5' 2" package of dynamite. Oww! Here, Skye fills in the blanks, dishing on her dream date, craziest place she’s had sex and favorite position. Her answers make us want to kiss the Skye, literally. And trust us, we’d love to.











Growing up in the Bronx made me more Puerto Rican. I grew up in Castle Hill.

Right now I have lip gloss, my cell phone and like 800 singles I haven’t put in the bank in my purse and nothing in my pocket because I got a dress on. I bartend at a strip club and that’s why I have all the singles.

I’m fly because I have swag. Is that corny? You’re putting me on the spot [Laughs].

On a first date I’d like to be taken to a nice restaurant. I love Spanish food. I love Cuban food to be more specific.

To impress me a man has to do a lot of things – Be charming, be himself, be funny and not too cocky because I don’t like a cocky man.

On my best date ever I went on a helicopter ride over the city and then had dinner in the city. It was nice. It was something different.

Comparisons from me to Kim Kardashian make me feel well, I love Kim Kardashian, so flattered. I think it’s the hair.

My dream date would be with Vin Diesel.

Swag in a man turns me on.

Dirty fingernails, bad hygiene, bad breath turns me off.

I would never say no in the bedroom.

My hottest body part is my legs. I would say my booty, but I don’t want to go right to say that. I like my legs too.

My favorite position is doggystyle . . . no, no on top because I cum better on top. I have an orgasm better on top, that sounds better.

The craziest place I’ve had sex is Hedonism in Jamaica outside.

The key to great sex is being open to do anything or trying anything, not being shy.

In 10 years, I’ll be successful and hopefully have my own clothing line. I go to school for fashion. That’s what I hope to do.