Is Beyoncé Turning Into a Weight Loss Fiend?

Bey we love them thick thighs … or at least we did…

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  • rihannasucksbigtime

    She be looking like Michael Jackson in these pics. Respect to MJ but that ain’t a cute look for B. Her new album is sounding terrible. Not happy bout that. It sounds like the type of shit Rihanna would do.

    • Beck

      Its fine if you’re not a fan of the new album, but saying Rihanna has anywhere near the vocals to sing “I care” or “I miss you” or even “Here I am” is ridiculous. Say what you want about the quality of the songs, but the vocals on this album are, by far, the hardest and the best Beyonce has ever put out. Rihanna wouldn’t be able to sing 11 out of the 12 songs on this CD if she sold her soul. I love the album btw.

      • stewie


        love what I’ve heard of the album btw…

  • Rainman

    I’m a big fan of Beyonce. Seen her live about ten times, have all the CD’s etc but I don’t like what I’ve heard of the new album so far either. Of course the vocals are great but most of the songs that I’ve heard sound like they belong in the 80′s. Why are so many R’n'B singers seemingly preoccupied with making dance music these days.

  • Yeppers

    haha @ jay-z, i ain’t jealous no mo xD