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    attends Summer Groove All-Star Basketball Game at AmericanAirlines Arena on July 18, 2010 in Miami, Florida.
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    Dwyane Wade is a lucky guy. Not only is his Miami Heat team a game up on the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals, but he also has actress Gabrielle Union on his arm. Not a bad life, huh?<br /><br />As hot as the Heat are — just three wins away from clinching an NBA championship with Game 2 on Thursday — Gabrielle is hotter. That pretty face, unbelievable smile and beautiful body... damn, you’re doing it, D. Wade. We see you. <br /><br />But Dwyane isn’t the only one with a badd chick. Nope. Several of his NBA peers have some of the hottest wives and girlfriends we’ve ever seen.<br /><br /> In honor of the Finals, <em>XXL</em> presents the 2011 Hottest NBA Wives & Girlfriends. Ballin! <em>—Mark Lelinwalla</em>
  • YvettePrieto
    <b>Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto</b><p>We loved Michael Jordan's ex-wife Juanita being there for him during his glory years, but we ain't mad at him for having Yvette Prieto as his girlfriend during retirement. The Cuban-born model's a firecracker. You're still winning, MJ!</p>
  • Vanessa-Bryant-
    <b>Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant</b><p>Kobe has himself a dime. Vanessa's badd!</p>
  • Tamia
    <b>Grant Hill and Tamia</b><p>If Tamia ain't the ultimate wifey, we don't know who is. We had a crush on her then and still do today.</p>
  • ShannonWalkerAllen
    <b>Ray Allen and Shannon Allen</b> <p>The three-point king scored big points when he made Shannon his wife. We hear she's also quite the chef, having taped her own cooking show.</p>
  • SenecaShahara
    <b>Elton Brand and Seneca Shahara Brand</b><p>Elton sure Branded his game when he proposed to Seneca. Can you say easy on the eyes?</p>
  • savannah-brinson
    <b>LeBron James and Savannah Brinson</b><p>LeBron's high school sweetheart and the mother of his kids, Savannah, is cool in our book. </p>
  • Monica
    <b>Shannon Brown and Monica</b><p>Wait did Shannon bag Monica or did Monica hubby-up Shannon? Either way, it's a good look.</p>
  • meghan_allen
    <b>Devin Harris and Meghan Allen</b><p>Devin may be one of the more underrated players in the NBA, but his girlfriend isn't underrated at all. She's hot, period.</p>
  • masha_kirilenko
    <b>Andrei Kirilenko and Masha Kirilenko</b><p>He's nicknamed AK-47, but it's his wife who can shoot them dead with her beauty. A Russian pop singer, Masha is a looker.</p>
  • maria-sharapova-2
    <b>Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova</b><p>You don't have to be an NBA superstar to have a hot girlfriend. Just being a role player and laying a little game down off the court got Sasha Sharapova in a 30 love and match set.</p>
  • larsa-pippen
    <b>Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen</b> <p>The six-time NBA champ and Michael Jordan's running mate is still living well off the court. Take a look at Larsa. Oooh-wee.</p>
  • LaLa-Vasquez
    <b>Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez</b><p>Rumor has it that LaLa convinced Carmelo to force a trade to the New York Knicks and we're not complaining. The Garden isn't far from the XXL offices. Ooh-LaLa!</p>
  • kim-kardashian
    <b>Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian</b><p>Whatever Kris Humphries manages to do on the court with the New Jersey Nets, it may never be greater than making Kim Kardashian his fiancee. That gives the phrase Nothing but Net a whole new meaning.</p>
  • kenya-bell
    <b>Charlie Bell and Kenya Bell</b><p>Charlie got himself a winner here. Now only if the Golden State Warriors could win some games.</p>
  • Julie-Landrum
    <b>Paul Pierce and Julie Landrum</b><p>Paul Pierce talks a lot of ish on the court, but backs it up with his game. Taking one look at Julie, that goes for off the court too.</p>
  • hoopz10
    <b>Shaquille O'Neal and Hoopz</b><p>As long as Shaq is cool with the fact that Hoopz tongued down Flavor Flav, we are too.</p>
  • gloria-govan
    <b>Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan</b><p>It's funny because Gloria Govan is probably on the NBA Wives the least, but is the wifey - or girlfriend - we want to see the most.</p>
  • Gabrielle-Union-23
    <b>Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union</b><p>Ahh Gabrielle . . . she definitely packs Heat.</p>
  • Ciara
    <b>Amar'e Stoudemire and Ciara</b><p>The Knicks didn't get as far in the playoffs as they hoped to, but one of their stars did walk away with Ciara. That's a winning season to us.</p>
  • BrandiGarnett
    <b>Kevin Garnett and Brandi Garnett</b><p>KG already has a championship ring, but when he laced Brandi with a ring and made her his wife, he really won.</p>
  • Ashley_Bachelor_Rondo
    <b>Rajon Rondo and Ashley Bachelor</b><p>From one Boston Celtic to another, here's Rajon Rondo with his girlfriend Ashley.</p>
  • AmyYoung
    <b>Deron Williams and Amy Young</b><p>A point guard's duty is usually to pass first, but Deron went in on offense to score points with his wife Amy.</p>
  • AlexdriaLopez
    <b>Josh Smith and Alexandria Lopez</b><p>We're fans of Alexandria! The Game, er, we mean Josh, did well.</p>
  • aleka-kamila
    <b>Peja Stojakovic and Aleka Kamila</b><p>Sharpshooter Peja got himself a model in Aleka. </p>
  • Adrienne-Williams
    <b>Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams</b><p>Bosh closes out the Miami Big 3 with his girlfriend Adrienne.</p>
  • Adriana-Lima
    <b>Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima</b><p>Adriana's a supermodel, Marko Jaric's a role player and marrying Ms. Lima was his greatest role yet.</p>

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    Ummmm Chris Bosh is doing a great straight impression. He’s a great ball player, but let’s be honest he’s all about the locker room.
    I vote Gabrielle Union or Ciara.

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    Ms Lima all day…………………….

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    Adriana Lima. Strait up. ok or Gabrielle . .

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    Hoopz is pretty as hell but I can’t escape that she got some kinda man tendencies to me. I don’t know if she’s just a tomboy that never fully grew out of it or what, but it’s something. She kinda like a butch that don’t really look like a butch or something

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    the funny thing is, I’ve fucked and screwed at least half of the girls listed on there. Now they are married to NBA ballers. Life truly is a bitch, that’s why I come hard at it with a big one.