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    This past Tuesday marked the official start of summer and there's a lot to love about the season of sun - namely the hot weather and the hot girls in the hot weather. But sadly, summer also usually spells an end for chicks wearing leggings. Just the thought of that brings a tear to our eyes. The way leggings grip all those curves . . . ahh we just can't take it. Here, <i>XXL</i> salutes 25 of the hottest women we love and the leggings they rock. Oooh-wee!
  • beyonce-leggings-1_large
    <b>Beyonce</b><p>We're sure Jigga fell <i>crazy in love</i> when he seen B in those leggings. </p>
  • solange1
    <b>Solange</b><p>Her little sis Solange sure fills out those leggings too.</p>
  • SofiaVerga
    <b>Sofia Vergara</b><p>Sofia looks like she needs help crossing the street here. We'd like to help, but are stuck looking at her body in those leggings. Are those, ehh, sheer?</p>
  • rihanna
    <b>Rihanna</b><p>Rih Rih just shot a man down . . . me.</p>
  • rachel-bilson
    <b>Rachel Bilson</b><p>Ya'll up on Rachel Bilson? We are now.</p>
  • NicoleS
    <b>Nicole Scherzinger</b><p>Every Pussycat Doll should have a mean pair of leggings like this. Flawless victory.</p>
  • Nicki-Mina
    <b>Nicki Minaj</b><p>Hey Nicki . . . can we be those leggings!? Jeez Louise!</p>
  • nia-long
    <b>Nia Long</b><p>Damn, kids of today. If we were behind her in that 106 & Park audience, we know exactly what we'd be focusing on.</p>
  • MeganGoode
    <b>Meagan Good</b><p>Reigning leggings champ Meagan (Um, Um) Good?</p>
  • MalinAckerman
    <b>Malin Ackerman</b><p>Hey Malin - we see you and would like to see more.</p>
  • La-La-Vazquez
    <b>LaLa Vazquez</b><p>We know LaLa's hubby Carmelo Anthony can palm a basketball. We bet he loves to palm something else too when his wifey wears these.</p>
  • Kim-Kardashian
    <b>Kim Kardashian</b><p>Kim K - If you fall on the grate, we'll help you up . . . legs first.</p>
  • keri-hilson
    <b>Keri Hilson</b><p>Ms. Keri, baby! Boy, we'd love to see her get into those. And out.</p>
  • Kelly-Rowland
    <b>Kelly Rowland</b><p>Suddenly, we got the <i>motivation</i> to wife up Kelly Rowland and we blame it on the leggings.</p>
  • KatiePrice
    <b>Katie Price</b><p>Ms. Katie . . . we're gangsters. We bet we could get you out those leggings.</p>
  • JessicaWhite
    <b>Jessica White</b><p>She's got legs and knows how to use em.</p>
  • Jennifer-Lopez
    <b>Jennifer Lopez</b><p>Leggings were made for chicks like J-Lo. Yeah sounds - and looks - just right.</p>
  • Jennifer-Hudson
    <b>Jennifer Hudson</b><p>Be clear, the slimmed-down J-Hud still got some curves on her. The leggings help bring them out.</p>
  • HalleBerry
    <b>Halle Berry</b><p>Halle can't and doesn't do wrong ever, especially in those.</p>
  • GabrielleUnion
    <b>Gabrielle Union</b><p>So, Dwyane Wade gets to get Gabby out of those? Lucky bastard.</p>
  • Ciara
    <b>Ciara</b><p>The body on Ciara . . . good lawd. You're killing us with those curves in those leggings.</p>
  • ChristinaAguleria
    <b>Christina Aguilera</b><p>Our lamps are bursting at the seams looking at that genie in a bottle.</p>
  • Christina+Milian
    <b>Christina Milian</b><p>We know she's on the red carpet, but damn we'd like to see her <i>dip it low, pick it up slow . . . </i></p>
  • AngelaSimmons
    <b>Angela Simmons</b><p>Rev. Run's daughter has been blessed by God with a nice lil body, one that's a leggings' dream come true.</p>
  • AliciaKeys
    <b>Alicia Keys</b><p>A Keys is another one, who has been known to look too sexy in a simple pair of leggings. We hope she throws on a pair or two this summer. Her and every other woman.</p>

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    What the fuck is Katie Price doing on the list she’s a stupid slag with a hanging figure… Where Amber Rose at?

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    great idea but how are you not gonna show any ass? thats the whole point of leggings!

  • e

    NASTY amber rose? really? she looks like eagles nested in her hair and tore it out wen they took off and what a FUGLY face

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    Keri Hilson was looking so hot in those pants!!!!!

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    finally! some content worth posting by XXL! now THATS journalism. a shame the pics werent bigger

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    shes realy looking good

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