14 Missing Eye Candies: Where Are They Now?

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    We passed by this blazing hot picture of Melyssa Ford in <i>XXL</i> offices recently and just stopped in awe. That face, those curves . . . enough to drive a man - or woman - crazy. But just looking at the shot triggered the question: Where are all the Eye Candies we know and love? Where Are They Now? Melyssa Ford continues to stay in the public eye, making the rounds in a number of different ways, including acting and modeling (Thank God for the latter). Like her, many others are trying their hand in acting. Others rap. Buffie The Body . . . she's into Bootynomics, the math and science of a good workout to maximize the look of an ass. Here's all that in more in our special Eye Candy All-Stars gallery: Where Are They Now?
  • KarrenSteffans
    <b>Karrine Steffans</b><p>From <i>Superhead</i> to top author? After hitting the New York Times Best Seller list with her first three books, Karrine Steffans looks to make it four straight with <i>Satisfaction</i>, her new chronicles of erotic fiction hitting bookshelves in August.</p>
  • angel_lola_luv-600x400
    <b>Angel Monroe aka Angel Lola Luv</b><p>While the verdict is still out on her rapping skills, she recently did get a BET Awards nomination for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. Even if her recording career fails, she's still pretty fly.</p>
  • gloria-velez-pictures-4
    <b>Gloria Velez</b><p>Still trying her hand at rapping, modeling and acting and still . . . badd. </p>
  • Buffie_Carruth__Buffie_The_Body_13
    <b>Buffie The Body</b><p>Buffie is finally breaking down the math on how to keep that ass nice, fat and firm in the form of <i>Bootynomics</i>, her workout routine.</p>
  • nicole-narain-17780-1024x768
    <b>Nicole Narain</b><p>She appeared on <i>Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew</i> two years ago to treat her sex addiction. We're speechless . . .</p>
  • IFWT_EstherBaxter
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>Esther Baxter was in the news just weeks ago, after airing out a messy breakup with ex-boyfriend and rapper Joe Budden.</p>
  • nadia_dawn
    <b>Nadia Dawn</b><p>Nadia is trying her hand in acting, having already appeared in several small roles on television. She definitely has the face . . . and body for the screen.</p>
  • vida_guerra_18-1024
    <b>Vida Guerra</b><p>We never seen it, but we hear she's still hosting "Livin' The Low Life," a television show about lowrider car culture.</p>
  • azzareya_curtis---88
    <b>Azzareya Curtis</b><p>Beside being a full-time mom, Azzareya makes jewelry and designs everything from hair accessories to purses, dresses and shoes. </p>
  • mford
    <b>Melyssa Ford</b><p>Melyssa Ford, perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to all-time best Eye Candy, continues to make the rounds on the scene with appearances, modeling and acting. She recently stopped by Boys & Girls HS in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to speak to the young women there. Jessica Rabbit - certainly one of the baddest.</p>
  • liris
    <b>Liris Crosse</b><p>Her Twitter lists her as a "model/actress/personality/host/Sportsnista/foodie/lover of life/" and we co-sign on all accounts. Liris still go it.</p>
  • Lanisha_Cole_1
    <b>Lanisha Cole</b><p>Lanisha Cole wrapped up her longtime gig as one of the <i>Price is Right's</i> beauties. If she's free, pardon us here at <i>XXL</i> telling her to "Come on down!" to our office.</p>
  • ki_toy_johnson_posing
    <b>Ki-Toy Johnson</b><p>The super fit Ki-Toy Johnson continues to try her hand at acting. We would love to try our hands on her.</p>
  • KD-Aubert-1259x999-140kb-media-2593-media-134980-1207629302
    <b>K.D. Aubert</b><p>Definitely one of the prettiest Eye Candies to ever pose in front of the lens, K.D. Aubert, like many of her peers, continues her acting career. We loved her as Giselle on Soul Plane.</p>

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  • Elijah

    Melyssa Ford is a tremendous actress.

  • Truth

    Lola can Rap but she needs to get her mind right.

  • Fireforreal

    ACTING,ACTING and more ACTING ! and these bitces are bad but where’s the real back up plan. I bet Melyssa ford is the only bitch to end up starting a company for models or something like that. The rest are just good for going back through old XXL mags and saying ” Damn that bitch can get it lol

  • tumi

    mellisa ford ….. still so HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DavySupafly

    LOL ain’t nobody give a fuck about what these bitches doin with they lives niggas just wanna hit that shit

  • Big Will

    Vida Guerra my love you are the best eye candy XXL will ever have your beauty is out of this world.