Emmaly Lugo is a sizzler, simple and plain. The Puerto Rican, Hawaiian and Greek mix currently stars as Rick Ross' girlfriend in the "9 Piece" video. Here, Lugo gets on one, F it, she's on one.








On Miami: Aside from the weather, I think what makes Miami sexy is it’s really diverse, so you see everyone from all over the place. You’ll meet a girl from Puerto Rico and another one from the Bahamas. It’s really a diverse culture.

On her mixed background: My mom’s family is Hawaiian and Greek and my father’s family is from Puerto Rico. I’m definitely a beach babe, hate the cold and have to be a tropical climate. That’s the Hawaiian side. Aside from that, I’m all Puerto Rican because I have a quick temper, but then I’m the sweetest girl until you piss me off. That’s the Puerto Rican side. The Greek side . . . I don’t know too much about that part.

On 9 Piece: That’s been my favorite video so far and not just because it’s the most recent one. It’s my favorite because of the fact that the director made it like a movie. There was a whole plot behind it. Rick Ross was a kingpin down here in Miami. He ran a whole import-export business, if you know what I mean. I like doing the video because I was Ross’ girlfriend and in a bunch of different scenarios. I felt like I was on the top of the world and it wasn’t because a lot of smoke was in the air. (Laughing). He was really nice. It wasn’t set up where I was just looking pretty. There was acting involved.

On other acting: We do a lot of comedy skits for YouTube (See video below).

Other favorite videos: Bobby Valentino Rock With You. I was pretty much naked in the shower and it was really, really sexy.

On her favorite body part: Not to veer off my body, but I like my eyes most. I think you can tell a lot from someone’s eyes. If it’s something else, I’d say my boobs.

On turn-ons: I’ve dated short men before, but I like tall men. If I had the preference he’d be super, super tall because I wear super, super tall high heels. If I have to sacrifice my shoe game for a guy, they’re already losing. I like a man who’s fit and takes care of themselves, but I prefer intelligence. The worse thing is someone you can’t have a conversation with. Someone who could stimulate me mentally can definitely stimulate me physically.

On turn-offs: A man that lies. I know it sounds cliché, but honesty will get you a lot further with me. If I catch a guy in a lie, it’s a total dealbreaker for me.

On best date: A New York Puerto Rican poetry lounge. It was a small type of joint. There were poets, MCs. I’m into that. He didn’t even like poetry, but he sat there and enjoyed himself.

On worst date ever: It was with a guy I was seeing and we wound up going to a club that my ex was there. It was my new boo and all his friends and who comes moseying in, but my ex. They didn’t wind up fighting or anything. Guys are territorial, though.

On dream date: My dream date costs nothing, which is surprising. I’m out here in Miami on the beach. Most of the time we have a beautiful sunset. It would be so romantic to go out to the beach, buy champagne, lay out a blanket and just watch the sunset with my boo and can you believe I live in Miami and have yet to do that. If I had a dream date with any athlete or celebrity, I don't want to say the exact name, but I have a crush on a football player who plays for the Arizona Cardinals and he’s super tall.

On the keys to the greatest sex: The greatest sex would have to be completely relaxed and completely open with each other. So many people are so routine, like, Ok she’s on top, he’s on top and then that’s it. A lot of people aren’t into even telling the person what they like. Me personally, I know what positions make me cum. Suppose I was having sex with a guy and he wasn’t doing the right thing, I’d say, Listen. Some girls are too uptight. I think you could have really good sex if you relax, so I’d give my man a full massage before, so that way he’d be feeling good and make sure I’m feeling good.

On favorite position: If all else fails, I just need to get on top and grind slowly. You can just lick my left nipple and I’ll cum. I have no idea why the left (laughing). For some reason, the left.