Ebony LaVette, Round, Soft & Natural [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of MyKeon Smith- Magic City Studio

REPS: Cleveland, OH

STATS: 36-25-45

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “My first magazine cover – Stunnaz Magazine [in] May 2010.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Nas. He’s definitely more than a rapper; he’s a revolutionary. Every rhyme forces us to think outside of the norm, and every time I hear a rhyme from him I hear something different no matter how old or how many times I’ve heard the song.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “LL Cool J featuring Total, ‘Loungin’ (Remix)’. Everything about that video was dope. Funk Master Flex had the crowd going crazy, and the best part was the late, great Biggie pushing the Lexus Coup. That video is classic.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “A Hype Williams video. He’s very creative, and he’s a legend.”

SEX APPEAL: “My knowledge of self, my ambition [and] my hustle. I can cook like a grandmother, I’m more of a giver than a receiver, I’m comfortable with my body and I love my round, soft, natural assets.”

TURN-ON: “God-fearing, intelligent, good conversation, funny, pretty teeth [and] stamina. My fantasy…I’ll just say it involves me naked in some heels. If I tell you the rest then it wouldn’t be a fantasy.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @ebonylavette or ModelMayhem

Are you an aspiring model or know someone that feels worthy of being XXL Web Candy of the Week? Submit your best shots to us at XXLWebCandy@harris-pub.com for consideration. Good luck!

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    Is she fat or thick?

    • Ms.Parker

      Thick…..don’t hate it makes u look ugly…..

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