Starting her modeling career just three years ago, it’s not hard for Amanda Michelle to say, “These chicks ain’t got nothin’ me.” While she may look like just another gorgeous face, this Southern belle has more to offer than just her looks. Looking to graduate from North Carolina State University, with a degree in Biological Sciences, Amanda’s ready to discover world cures through research and a Master's degree in the years to come.

But in the meantime, not only has AM discovered the importance of anatomy, she became a JET Beauty of the Week. The North Carolina cutie is well on her way to stardom, in the classroom and the modeling realm. With her future in mind, Amanda Michelle opened up to to talk school, vixens and and her lesson on “clapping” on a modeling set. —Amber McKynzie

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GOV’T NAME: Amanda Michelle
REPS: Raliegh, NC
AGE: 22
STATS: 34-24-38
SOCIAL MEDIA: @1amandamichelle

I started modeling because... My friend’s uncle had asked me to do a magazine [shoot], and I had a good time.

As an upcoming model, I would like to be in ... a Lil Wayne, Drake or Nicki Minaj video because... [Nicki] always has crazy things going on – [they’re] never of the norm; [they’re] always sexy. Lil Wayne and Drake because they always come with great energy, great style and they’re lyrical geniuses. So just to be around that energy [would be] crazy.

I would do anything to work with... Drake, Wayne and Nicki.

The things I won’t do on a video/photo shoot set are... Get naked. Completely naked. There’s nothing wrong with it, but for me I always like to leave something to the imagination I think that entices people a little bit more instead of showing all.

The craziest thing I’ve even been asked to do on a video/photo shoot set is... I was on a building on the rooftop doing a photo shoot, and there’s this thin little wall that is where the garage was. I was asked to stand up on there and do these crazy poses. It was fun, but at the same time “Oh my God, I could so die right now.” All it takes is just one little step to fall over. That was pretty wild to me because we were up I don’t know how many stories.

My dream modeling job would be... It would have to involve some crazy world tour where I could just travel all over the world and get to meet all kinds of people.

The craziest thing I’ve ever seen other models do on set is... There was like this 30 – 40 foot pole going to the ceiling, and we saw this girl climb all the way to the top [and was] like, “Look what I can do.” She climbed all the way to the top, took all her clothes off slid all the way down. Everyone was just standing there like, “Okay.”

My favorite rapper of all time is... It’s definitely Jay-Z. He’s been in the game; he’s been consistent; everybody respects him for what he does. Jay-Z is definitely my all-time rapper.

If I could choose any rapper to date it would be... I don’t think I would want to date a rapper because it’s kinda in the industry, and it might be bad for business later down the line.

If I could sleep with any rapper it would be... I’m trying to stay away from the whole [sleeping] with the rappers thing and stuff.

The only rapper I would never work with is... I don’t really have any enemies or anybody that I’m disgusted by. So, there’s no one I [can] think of.

Rappers are less appealing to me than most other girls because... There’s nothing in particular about rappers themselves, I [just] know the industry and what goes on. I wouldn’t want to deal with that at all. I already have my own career to think about.

My dating life is... Chillin’ because I’m trying to focus. I’m in school and I’m modeling, so I’m not really focused on the whole dating scene. I definitely love guys, but but right now its just all about Amanda Michelle.

Things that turn me off about a guy are... When a guy doesn’t smell good. That’s just a really, really big turn off for me. It just makes you want to run away.

Things that turn me on are... Confidence, but not cockiness. [That’s] very important. There’s something about that edgy swagger.

I’ve learned the following things from modeling to the bedroom... I had a girl who taught me how to clap. She taught me how clap, and on a handstand. That’s a little difficult but I’m working on it.

I’ve been working at “the clap” for... Maybe a year.

I don’t know how to work a pole yet... But I will one day.