Stefaniya, I’m All Real, [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of Sidney Etienne, Maximo Photography, Jose Miguel

REPS: Brooklyn, New York

STATS: 32D-26-39

CAREER HIGHLIGHT:Village Voice ad.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I like Kanye West and Jadakiss. Some people seem to feel that Kanye is arrogant, but when it comes to his music he put’s his heart and soul into it. I like Jadakiss because he keeps it real.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My favorite video is The Lox ‘We’ll Always Love Big Poppa.’ It’s my favorite because it’s so surreal, and we have all been there before at some point of our lives. And every artist that’s in that video [is] a real artist. Unlike today.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “Modeling is cool. I mean I love it and I will do videos here and there. But, I’m a dental assistant right now, and in school to be a Dentist. That’s my dream and I’ll be your model while I do dental work on you.”

SEX APPEAL: “I think just me being myself makes me sexy, and I think any man would appreciate my body being that it’s all real.”

TURN-ON: “I love a man that’s very confident about himself and knows how to treat a woman and my body.”

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  • Shawty J


    The first and the last were the only good ones. And even then her facial expression took away from them.

    • Phil

      Man, don’t front. You know you’re still gonna go masturbate to this.

      • G-Starr


  • Big Will

    I love XXL i been following this mag since i was locked up, the best hip hop mag and one of the best to have the most awasome candy eyes.

  • Free Speech

    dont get me wrong, I will really fuckk her, but I dont think I will feel like the happiest man on the planet after it

  • adezzel

    Shes hott period end of story

  • Hannya

    Fukk i just busted twice in my pants!! Damn she hot!!

  • Dead President

    ginger ninja… looks like a micky d’s counter chick. ‘real’ this ‘real’ that – i aint sorry fellaz but she aint shit .

    strait up

    • PAT

      what tha fuck are u talkin about

  • Brookalino Italiano

    BABOOSHKA from brighton beach!

  • Kat ForTra