Crystal Lee, Girl Next Door [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of Paul Cobo, Frank D, Patrick Adam, and Tori

REPS: Denver, CO

STATS: 36D-28-40

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “[Being] featured in Smooth Girl [Magazine’s] Rookie Top 100 and Greatest Hits issues, [and] Black Men magazine.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Foodchain. They are an up-and-coming group from Denver, Colorado. They all play live instruments, and they are real lyricists.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “’All of Tte Lights’ by Kanye [West] and Hype Williams. There is just something really cool and interesting about the simple creativity, and the song is dope!”

DREAM JOB: “I would love to be a lead in a video by Kanye because I know I would end up in some crazy get up with a headdress and a thong or crazy
paint or leaves strategically placed. Def my style.”

SEX APPEAL: “I would have to say the fact that I know how powerful my sexuality is, and educated enough to know its not all I am. Hands down, the dimples
seal the deal every time. I’m that girl you grew up next to when you were younger that was fun to hang out with that recently realized there’s a reason all the boys wanted to play tag with me.”

TURN-ON: “[My fantasy is] forest mud sex in the middle of the day [and my] turn-on[s] are [someone with] a sense of humor and easy going.”


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  • Da Critic

    Great Tit’s and Ass!
    Like Pic’s 3,4,5,7 & 8 Crystal.

  • realtrue

    damn lady is definitely bad and she got some pretty feet

  • T

    Her face is kinda strong lol

  • Free Speech

    fake tits, you can never fool me with those boo boo. I’ll still smash you from the back in that soft brown ass you got…..just so you can go tell your friends you’re playing with the big boys now x

  • Dead President

    ^^^ hahahaha

    yeah she nice XL

  • crystallee

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • Tshilidzi

    A smash!

  • balaramesh

    she dope