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From initially intriguing us with her exotic accent on For the Love of Ray J to spreading it like “Caviar” in adult films, we’re pleased to welcome tonight’s guest Bethany Benz into Inside the Adult Actors Studio. Here, we confer all facets of her porn career, what constitutes the best sex and an incident that left a co-star with a broken penis. Yes, a broken dick. We caught up with the Nigerian Russian-Ukrainian starlet, who splits time between Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, while she was on hiatus from the bright lights, sweat and loud moans, as she’s currently planning her very own adult website. This is great news. Without further ado, this is Bethany Benz in Spread it Like Caviar. Action! What’s the best part of shooting porn?

Bethany Benz: You get paid for things people do for free. And it doesn’t kill you, so I don’t care.

And the worst part?

A lot of drama, people talking. Shady people. It depends how you take it in. The stalking too. I have a lot of stalkers. I’ve gotten death threats.

Wow. Getting back to the bedroom, though, what’s your favorite position?

My Favorite position? I don’t have a favorite. It depends on the person.

Do you have any restrictions while shooting on set?

Restrictions? I won’t do DP (double penetration), double anything, I won’t do anal. I won’t do gangbang.

So no threesomes?

I’ve done two guys . . . kinda at the same time [laughs].

Uh ha! Ever shot a scene with just you and a girl?

I haven’t done a girl-girl scene. You never know. I might. I like both.

Oral sex or straight sex – Which do you prefer, giving or receiving, more on film?

Depends on what scene and who it is with. I like the warm-up, oral sex. But either or. It varies.

XXL: Tell us about the infamous “broken penis” situation with co-star Prince Yahshua last year.

Prince – I don’t know what to say. It was just an accident. When it happened . . . it was his fault. He was going too fast and he knew it. He missed the spot that’s his problem. I was supposed to be on top and that happened. It like . . . broke. That’s the craziest thing, a real bloody scene. It does happen, though.

Jeez louise! That said, I don’t know if it’s safe to ask my next question: Are you opposed to shooting a porno with a fan, a regular guy? Of course, I’m not asking about myself, but ehh . . .

[Laughs]. I’m always open to requests. I never done it with someone other than an actor. Definitely a possibility.

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  • Sha

    Wow XXL….

    Anything to get dudes back to your website, huh?

    Why not interview the chick, that happens to be the cousin of a friend, of an uncle, of your girl’s hairdresser, who lives 2 miles down the road, whose best friend was in a car next to the car that her homegirl just happened to give head to 50 Cent in 2007?

    XXL…. Get it together. Useless interview and article.

    • ComeOn Son3000

      Shut the fuck up, apprently u clicked on the article to see T and A like everyone. Stop fronting and actin like a bumbitch. Your such a hypocrit fuck u even left a long ass comment. With that said i aint even read the article i just looked at the pics and ur bum ass comment.

  • The187Worm

    @Sha i hear that shit..XXL is fuckin garbage now…

  • Jahi Salaam

    this interview was so retarted, smh xxl. lol i clicked on it to read about the broken dick. lol cant believe dat, always wondered if u culd break ur dick lol

  • Realness

    Once I saw this chick’s face get JIZZED on (on film) she lost her appeal…professional dick sucker.

  • T

    I don’t get what happened to the guy’s dick. She sucks at explaining.

  • LOL

    She’s fine as hell, but can’t suck dick worth a damn, and has the most irritating voice

  • antonio

    I am I the only guy who looks at the pictures and never reads the interview?
    I don’t mind a pro myself, I don’t have to waste time teaching her too much……..
    1 of 4 my fav.

    • Dead President


      this is eye candy not a dating show who gives a fuck if she smart, dumb, a pro or a damn lawyer

  • Free Speech

    she broke a nigga’s dick?…..there’s a bunch of White bitches who’re gonna be cursing her damned p*syshole to hell

  • BigBoy11

    Shes my fav chick in the game…..too fine and fun….Lol

  • Grine

    Yeap she can try to break my dick..nice eye candy!!!!

  • blknight14

    well she’s doing plenty of an@l now

  • Darnell

    Wy she lying…In have a clip of her getting her ass licked and fucked, but in this interview she denies anal?

  • Nuts

    She’s doing anal now. Before long she’ll be doing DPs