Bella Gonzalez: Not Just Shane Mosley’s Girlfriend

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As entertaining as it collectively was, the Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Manny Pacquiao fight last Saturday night (May 7) in Las Vegas had some slow moments. For a while during the match, action seemed idle and nothing overly exciting seemed to take place — that is, until Showtime cameras zoomed in on Bella Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, Mosley’s 21-year-old stunner for a girlfriend, wearing a skin-tight dress and a look of rage in her eyes, took a couple of deep breaths and rose up out of her seat. And as she yelled out of anger, the whole world got a close look at her striking good looks and curvaceous figure. Women applauded her for the way she stood by her man and the fellas… Well, the fellas gazed on in admiration.

Immediately, the Cuban, Houston-raised firecracker set Twitter ablaze, instantly becoming a Twitter trending topic. caught up with Gonzalez while she laid in bed with Mosley just days after his loss. (Yes, Internet rumors of them breaking up are indeed false).

Here, the aspiring model discusses her newfound fame, her working relationship with 50 Cent, accuses Pacquiao of fighting dirty and lets it be known that she’s more than just Shane Mosley’s arm-piece. —
Mark Lelinwalla The greatest reaction last Saturday night’s fight received was when the cameras panned over to you and you stood up to cheer on Shane. Wow. I think I speak for all of mankind saying that.

Bella Gonzalez: [Laughs]. I wasn’t there to get attention. The main reason I was there was to support Shane. Of course people like seeing someone that’s behind their partner or behind their man. The camera was on me the whole time. I didn’t know when I was shown, but the purpose of me standing up and yelling was to cheer my man. Everybody was calling me and telling me that Twitter is blowing up and I’m the new hot topic. It was flattering. It was nice to hear, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t for that purpose. It was to go and support Shane. I started getting upset about certain things being said on Twitter about my relationship, so I took myself off there. I wouldn’t say off there. I just stopped being on there. I went to ModelMayhem and websites of that sort, which is more of what I’m doing.

XXL: Even a girl on Twitter was saying, “I know Sugar’s girl is on Twitter and I’m fixing to find this bitch.”

Gonzalez: Look boo, I’m going to need you to check yourself because I ain’t nobody’s bitch and I’m damn sure not your bitch. Sometimes people are just negative and I don’t think I should waste my time in entertaining anybody when they’re being negative. Why?

XXL: Rappers took to Twitter just to say how bad Shane’s girlfriend is. How do you feel about that?

Gonzalez: The reason why it’s never been me put out there as, “I’m Shane’s girlfriend, I’m Shane’s girlfriend” is because that’s not what I’m trying to come out with. I do a lot of different things. It doesn’t have to be that this is who I’m with and this is why you should know me. You should know me because my name is Bella – I do modeling, I’m getting into acting and this is why you should know me. I’m in a relationship because we care about each other. But at the end of the day, I don’t want people Googling Sugar Shane Mosley’s girlfriend Bella. I want to be Bella.


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  • T

    Mmmmm delicioso.

  • Hannya

    Your boyfriend got his ass whupped by Pacman fair and square. Kill that cheating shit bitch.

  • SmoovOne

    Gotta give her credit! She is asking the media, why are you not questioning why Manny Pacquiao refuses to take “random” drug. All the media is focusing on between the two is the negativity about Mayweather.

    Manny take the test and we have a fight! It’s as simple as that. Go Bella! I’m gonna be watching you closely, you fine azz thing!

    • RC

      Gayweather better just switch from being a fighter to becoming member of the Boxing Commission. Admit it, he’s scared to the bone. Pacman will submit to anything the regulating body of boxing would want, but not to the conditions of anybody else, more so from Gayweather who is just making excuses to avoid the fight. There are enough rules in boxing to take care of the integrity of the sport. Even if Pacman concedes to what he wants, I’m sure the next condition he’ll ask is for the fight to be held in planet Mars.

      • Sean

        Mayweather not only wants the Olympic drug testing(this ain’t amateur boxing),he wants Pac to train exclusively in America,fight in Vegas(because that’s the only state that allows Mayweather to take a shot in his hand), and last but not least the lions share of the purse!. All that being said Manny’s not gonna agree to those demands because frankly Floyd needs him more than he needs Floyd!

    • Robert Marsh

      The “TEST” is not the issue anymore bro. Mayweather Jr. is asking $100 million. Mayweather is really ducking Pacquiao. Only you Mayweather fans are blind.

    • 2pac

      hey smooth,,
      who told you the pacman never tested before and right after the fight in his 10 years fighting in american soil huh? did you ever had even a single shit proving he is a cheat other than he is beating the shit out of the fighter whom you thought he was supposed to lose? hey bella what do you know about boxing,, bitch..

      • MrsFreddy

        Why does she have to be a bitch? You sound like an angry person who disrespects women. Do you call your mother a bitch to?

    • rekoj

      ignorant fool. Manny accepted the random drug testing a long time ago! Just say: Mayweather JUST TAKE THE FIGHT!!

    • noy2k

      hahahahah nice moves but lame. your boys are scouring the lands trying to find excuses how the PACMAN beat their asses even before they got into the ring. with the cases he’s facing and shanes beat up face they sure make a nice combo.

    • gayweather clan

      it seems to me that you bet your cash on the wrong guy last saturday night and now you’re broke… get a life loser… hating pacquiao won’t make you famous but just a miserable bitch loser…

    • Mikey

      I hope you know that Manny did agree to take the drug test if the fight took place. Then Mayweather backed out saying he did not want to fight him again for other reasons. I am a fan of both Manny and Floyd but we all must admit that Mayweather wants to keep that perfect record. It’s as simple as that.

  • AD

    @Hannya you feel mad now lmao pac does steroids

  • SmoovOne

    Gotta give her credit! She is asking the media, why are you not questioning why Manny Pacquiao refuses to take “random” drug testing.

    All the media is focusing on between the two is the negativity about Mayweather.

    Manny take the test and we have a fight! It’s as simple as that. Go Bella! I’m gonna be watching you closely, you fine azz thing!

    • Johnny Blaze

      Pacquiao did agree to the drug test. She doesn’t have her shit straight and appaerntlyyou don’t either.

  • anutha_level

    good lawd!

  • Wacky Jabber

    To the gullible idiots who desperately believe Pacquiao is taking drugs, I have a bridge to sell. You just can’t admit that a little oriental beat a slick black inner-city fighter, can you? (Not to mention, the slickest–Mayweather–is afraid of that “midget”.)

    • RC

      I heard he was watching Lady Gaga. But he wouldn’t be able to escape knowing that Mosley was beaten and that is more than enough to bring this poor guy trembling in fear once more. I’m sure that by this time he has consumed biting all his fingernails.

    • imani-mosi

      That so called Pac-man motherfucker is on steroids!!!! You have to be a stupid mf not to know that!!!

  • MilkRun

    Mayweather is a pussy. Simple as that.

  • cherry picks or Porch Haymon Picks ???

    I give bella 2 more years & she’ll be like paquita la del barrio. every n!gg@s touch’s turn into a FAT BURRITA.

  • John Martin

    Mosley’s girlfriend is not a stunner. Her mouth is too wide and she is too thin. I love my dog better.

  • Mosley

    TEST or NO TEST, what did Mosley do to win the fight? He just stood there like a dumb Biatzchh.

  • Monica

    This girl needs a to learn how to speak. She sounds really ghetto.

  • TY

    what about mayweathers chick?

  • mps

    Bella is just full of it who does not know S_ _ _ t about boxing. Anther Mayweather bandwagoneer. I think 50 fiddy cent brain banged her alredy, and Shane doesnt even know it…Floyd had her first though. And in a year or so she will have her big lips and big mouth widened due to pleaasing them. She will be a super burrito…

  • mps

    Bella is too ghetto due to having taken it too much from the ghetto Mayweather, Mosley, and even fiddy..What a tranny…These guys loves a ghetto ass tranny

  • Famous Spy

    Bella = Paris

  • pedro

    admit it bella, you want mosley for his money. That guy is hella ugly. You should thank pacquiao picking mosley to fight him. without that fight he wouldnt have money to spend on your plastic surgeries and silicon implants. btw didnt shame was a former steroid user? why questioned someone not proven guilty in the past.

  • bella is a sore loser

    what a sore loser. her man ran the whole night and she has the nerve to blame pacquiao? watch the fight again whore. shane has no heart.

  • bella needs to thank pacquiao

    she needs to thank pacquiao for putting money in shane’s pockets. god knows her modeling aint earning enough money to live the good life.

  • lefouthanixx

    bella vs jinky on the fall

  • bizkitpark

    bella is a hot gurl but moseley is pan ass idiot

  • Nathan

    … she is a dirty whore and a liar (Pacquiao).

  • gayweather clan

    I’m laughing my ass so loud whenever I see these miserable niggers turn into chickens by just hearing the name of Manny Pacquiao…

  • RAY


  • http://W Free Speech



    Pac man kicked that fools ass Legit!! how much more ass whippin did he have to put on that old ass man!! Maywheather is a bitch!! fuck a drug test !! Fernando vargas took steroids and Oscar De La Hoya fucked that Kid up!!! stop making excuses, May wheathers a bitch!! even if somone was on steroids that dont mean they are super man!! anyone could get they ass kicked!! as far as this bitch thats with Shane, shes just another Latina bitch with a nigga, thats nothing new!! there should be an article on how there are no famous brothas with sistas!! hahahah now thats really funny!! all these niggas dont want sistas!! niggas is like ” FUCK SISTAS” LOL only broke niggas stay with sistas! rich niggas cant wait to jump the broom!!!!!! bitches!!!

  • CFlockwell

    Hahaha… PAC is the best fighter since Sugar Ray II…… and this dumb bitch.. “I model and act, don’t want people googling ‘shane’s girl’” Look.. your a dime, that’s it. You have no talent or skills other than being a groupie whore/jersey chaser- Your best option is to marry “Suga Boy” and cling on for dear life. No one takes you seriously. Sure, millions of men want to sodomize you but since when does that make you talented? You aren’t smart or talented and if it weren’t for your dick roping skills you’d still be in Washington Heights chewing bubbleicious in some bootleg Jordans waiting in line for your check with 5 kids hanging off your arm. stupid stupid stupid whore. No one cares about you, please don;t ever give an interview again. All anyone wants from you is a sex tape… but good luck with the ‘acting’.. hahahah CLOWNED

  • theTRUTH

    Get a Pre-Nup man, shes 21 and he is damn near 40 and punch drunk at the end of his career, she will be gone soon. His last divorce hit his pockets harder than Pac man hit him. M.O.B.

  • Adrian Mariano

    F_ck that puta.. Pinche cubana! “get the f_ck outta here” leyva!

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  • Big Will

    Hey cutie pie Wow you are a beutiful woman i would love to be your man so that i can show the world how to treat a beautiful girl like you deserves to be treated.

  • just another ignorant gold digger

    “we be everywhere” – hilarious. Mosley paid for your boobs bitch, maybe he can buy you a brain.

  • DNN

    She’s young, got good looks, and hopefully some determination to use this as a stepping stone towards another career.


    He also got his ass whipped by his ex-wife. You go girl. I wish she would have left his MOTHERFU&&ING ASS BROKE. I bet he would not have stood a chance in hell with the homewrecking IMMIGRANT!!!!!


    What’s the matter BEEOCH!!! Castro kicked ya’ll ass out of Cuba????? You can use my banana boat to get back there if you’d like.

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  • kids

    Attractive component of content. I just stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to say that I get actually loved account your blog posts. Anyway I will be subscribing in your feeds and even I success you get right of entry to consistently quickly.

  • Charles Crump

    A fight is a fight. You win some, you lose some. “Sugar” Shane Mosley was in one hell of a fight with Manny Pacquiao, and he lost fair and square, as most of the world witnessed. Sometimes a boxer that’s 40 years of age needs to realize that more and more damage is being caused, and that the damage being caused can be fatal. Read the story on Davey Moore, the boxer from the ’60s who died from brain injuries in the ring after his brain stem was damaged.

  • Rashad

    they met at a strip club called treasures in houston she was a stripper,shane saved her lol,she went to lee h.s and she is 27-28 yrs old,stop playin with that 21 yr old nonscence

  • master

    sorry girlfriend,u should be happy being called Shane Mosley’s girlfriend cuz without shane mosley no one would know who you are.