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Photography courtesy of Clatties Moorer Photography

REPS: Cincinnati, OH

STATS: 34B-28-42

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “I have done a few local promotional and print jobs; however, I am looking to expand.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I am actually into 90’s music. SWV, Xscape, Adina Howard, R. Kelly, etc… but as far as recent artists, I’d have to go with Jasmine Sullivan. She can blow! And my favorite rapper right now [is] Drake of course!”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Jamie Foxx feat. Drake, ‘Fall For Your Type.’ I can definitely relate not only to the lyrics, but [to] the feelings depicted in the video.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: As far as a director I wouldn’t mind working [with] Chris Robinson. I believe he directed the ‘Fall For Your Type’ video, which was really good. I wouldn’t mind playing the lead for Jamie Foxx, Drake, Bobby V., Trey Songz, or Kanye West. Their works always seem to be classy.”

SEX APPEAL: “My best asset is my intelligence. I graduated from high school at sixteen and went straight to college, and currently have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminal justice. I think my confidence is often mistaken for arrogance; however, I know that I am more than just a pretty face.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate fantasy [is] a secret! I’ll tell the ‘one’ when the time is right. And as far as what turns me on about the opposite sex… [I like] tall, muscular, a mean swag, an intelligent conversation, a mean fashion [game], [and] height. Muscles and demeanor make me fall so weak. But I definitely have to have a man that can keep up with me!”

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  • Deez

    Is that a turkey!!! tattoo

    • Bigplay

      lmao, 2 funny


    J’aimerais correspondre avec toi. Je t’en prie je suis célibataire


    Miss Kiya Renae i am very happy to write to you. Iam a
    Cameroonian who lives in Yaoundé town. I am a bachelor looking for someone like you to love. Iwill be very happy to read you soon. Thank you.

  • coochie cutter

    Zakiya? DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D90

    that god-awful tattoo damn near ruins it lol

  • The187Worm

    This is where i wish bitches all came headless…fuck it just give me the bottom half

    • jamesoshea91

      its obvious that u hate ur own life so much that u sit on the net and take it out on everyone else. because at least if ur on the net know ones able to kick the shit out of you. u probably cant get any girl never mind the bottom half of this one.

  • swype-matic

    Fine girl, and great body and great mind. Usually, I never complain about tattoos cause I don’t mind them, but good lord, that tat is a deal breaker, a HUGE one

  • MzBarbie69

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • HU

    That tattoo is a fucking disaster. She might be a decent “web” model, i.e. ass flaunter, without that massive body stain. I give her credit for going to college and just hope it wasn’t an HBCU, although legitimate colleges don’t typically offer Criminal Justice as a major.

    • long dong silver

      she went to the university of cincinnati and walnut hills high school, she fucked mike gibson and his long veiny cock whilst there

  • harlemknight

    I swear black women r beautiful! Thank you God for them!


    WOW, ugly ass tatt. If it wasn’t for that she would be bomb

  • jonathan

    shes fine!!!

  • Da Critic

    She can still get it all day & night.
    Then I’ll bust on that tattoo and cover it up that way.

  • LdNSE15

    Last pic is the best.

    She could get it.

  • http://bonjour françois ondoua

    I love you bb

  • Pedro

    I cant see the pretty face that they are talking about. The body is banging though.

  • trenton watts

    Tattoo or not, she is tough.. Just the fact that she is intelligent and a beautiful brown skin girl is enough for me! XXXL for sure

  • Jones

    This Girl is 100 PERCENT BAD!!!

    I met her once and that Tattoo is sick in person!!!

    I was trying to read it ALL! lol

    She’s classy, highly intelligent AND she got her own! Cats can say what they want but she probably wouldn’t even talk to most a yal who hatin. lol

    Damn she Fine!!!

    Zakiya come find me!!! Im In L.A!

  • http://yahoo ousmane

    je veut une femme plus sexe



  • Face Phoenix

    She’s more sugar on a ritz cracker rather than candy. Cute but no showstopper.

  • Paulj

    So very hot!!! And I love ur Tattoo

  • http://BobMarleysApprenticeRasCasanovaDread Arenzo Whitfield

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  • Andreais Gonzalez


  • YUMMIE(lol)

    That last pic so sexy…… wooo! Real niggas dont give a damn about a tattoo. IDK what it is, but if its a turkey, im sure she has her reasons. Plus its nicely done. D: Anyway sexy as FUCK… wish should would showed more of the ass tho. (ima perv)

  • charles welch

    you dont have to much of anything you are just ripe ready to be pulled of the tree like a georgia peach

  • kenny

    if i got a magane with u in it will u signit for me?

  • kenny

    a magazine(typo error)