Kara Allison, Showing Off School Spirit [Eye Candy x Gallery]

Folks love to hear the story, again and again, about how a wayward cutie received her first big break. For Kara Allison, her road to being an Eye Candy was par for the course. “I never thought I could be a model, because of my height and my body,” says the Miami native, who, one month after graduating high school (class of 2008!), accompanied her BFF to a casting for Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino’s 2008 smash “Mrs. Officer.” After catching the eye of video director Gil Green, Kara, who was certain her 32DD-24-39 dimensions on her 5-foot-3-inch frame weren’t model friendly, was given a major spot in the video.
Three years and 12 vids later, the Jamaican beauty and college junior has notched several noteworthy joints, such as Rick Ross’s “Magnificent,” featuring John Legend; Maino’s “All the Above” (both in 2009); and, more recently, DJ Khaled’s latest posse cut, “Welcome to My Hood,” featuring Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne and T-Pain; and Birdman’s “Fire Flame (Remix),” featuring Lil Wayne, which included a jaw-dropping performance involving sparklers.
Not a bad résumé for someone who was just out there supporting a friend. “That casting opened my eyes and made me realize that there are all kinds of models,” Kara says. “And I can be successful at it, as well.”
Yes, you can.

We had a schoolgirl theme going specifically for your shoot, if you didn’t notice.

I can relate to it very well. I am a college student, which goes with the schoolgirl theme.

What end of the social spectrum were you at in high school? Were you the introvert, the popular girl, the prom queen…the cheerleader?

I guess you can say I was pretty popular. I was in the choir, so I knew a lot of people. I always was a class clown, too, so I got along well with people.

Oh yeah? Channel your inner stand-up comic and hit us with a joke.

[Laughs] I don’t think I would be good at stand-up at all. I’m more of the sarcastic kind of funny.

Like, a smart-ass?

Yeah, but I knew pretty much everyone in high school. I did win “Most Attractive” at the prom, which was extremely flattering.

Absolutely, but how does the prom’s “Most Attractive” end up twirling sparklers in Birdman’s flammable “Fire Flame (Remix)” video?

[Laughs] It was very nerve-racking at first, when they were explaining to me what I would be doing, but, at the same time, very exciting. I love trying new things, and I thought it would come out dope in the end.

It did. Weren’t you afraid your hair would be set ablaze, though?

They had a professional come in and show me how to use it properly, and I caught on within a couple of minutes. It was actually pretty easy. I tried not to concentrate too much on the sparklers, and concentrate more on my dancing.

Do you think your classmates are concentrating on your recent success with scorn? Jealousy is a bitch, you know?

I’m sure they are jealous. [Laughs] —Sean A. Malcolm

Photography courtesy of Sarah McColgan

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