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Photography courtesy of Charles Gardner

REPS: Newark, NJ

STATS: 34C- 25-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Being on Tyra with Kim Kardashian as they picked and crowned me [the winner for] ‘Queen of the Kim's Look A Like’. To be amongst two powerful women and hearing them say my name was something I’ll never forget.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I love everything about Mary J. Blige from her life story to her musical career. Her sound is uplifting and empowering; her lyrics are inspiring and moving. She’s a perfect example of a woman, and an amazing role model for many.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Erykah Badu[‘s] ‘Window Seat.’ It is a very symbolic video, [and has] a meaningful narrative message. [The video shows] one must shed layers that weigh them down in order to evolve and be reborn without fear or limitations.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I’d love to work with Enrique Iglesias. I’ve been a fan way before he crossed over to the United States. I like that his music is diverse from his Spanish ballads with Juan Luis Guerra to his hip-hop duo with Ludacris.”

SEX APPEAL: “Other than being visually alluring, I find that men like me because I’m also mentally stimulating. If I had to pick my best asset, it would be my lips.”

TURN-ON: “I’m always grinding either on the ER floors or off so I’m always in dire need of a massage. My ultimate fantasy would be if [the one massaging me] could make me climax with his touch! I’m a sucker for lips, so he can kiss me while he’s at it.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @JesseniaVice

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