Jessenia Vice, “I’m A Sucker For Lips”

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Photography courtesy of Charles Gardner

REPS: Newark, NJ

STATS: 34C- 25-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Being on Tyra with Kim Kardashian as they picked and crowned me [the winner for] ‘Queen of the Kim’s Look A Like’. To be amongst two powerful women and hearing them say my name was something I’ll never forget.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I love everything about Mary J. Blige from her life story to her musical career. Her sound is uplifting and empowering; her lyrics are inspiring and moving. She’s a perfect example of a woman, and an amazing role model for many.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Erykah Badu[‘s] ‘Window Seat.’ It is a very symbolic video, [and has] a meaningful narrative message. [The video shows] one must shed layers that weigh them down in order to evolve and be reborn without fear or limitations.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I’d love to work with Enrique Iglesias. I’ve been a fan way before he crossed over to the United States. I like that his music is diverse from his Spanish ballads with Juan Luis Guerra to his hip-hop duo with Ludacris.”

SEX APPEAL: “Other than being visually alluring, I find that men like me because I’m also mentally stimulating. If I had to pick my best asset, it would be my lips.”

TURN-ON: “I’m always grinding either on the ER floors or off so I’m always in dire need of a massage. My ultimate fantasy would be if [the one massaging me] could make me climax with his touch! I’m a sucker for lips, so he can kiss me while he’s at it.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @JesseniaVice

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  • YOM

    Absolutely beautiful!!
    She sounds like she has a brain too.
    I’ll help her out with more than a massage.


    Wow this chick is mad nice.
    As Mr. Sheen says, “WINNNNINGGG”

  • devaue

    Go Jesseniaaaa!!!!! good job girl.. keep doing your thang thang!!

  • Alberico

    Very sexy and beautiful, very down to earth woman with a great heart. PLus has a bomb body too. ; ) Keep up the good work and make us latinos proud.

  • Bigplay

    visually alluring for sure.

  • Dead President

    triple xL nigga.. .

  • Dead President

    shot #4 – OWWW !

  • Shawty J

    5 and 7 are my favorites!

  • R2j

    She looks great. Fine as hell but her IQ on music is on point. Erykah Badu? She’s got a body, a mind and a little spirit. She’s in the top 5 for sure.


    Hands down the finest this year so far.

  • Ant

    I love a women that is not only beautiful but has something smart to say “be herd”…

  • anutha_level

    definitley a good look….AND very articulate. gotta love it…XXXXXL & creampie all day.

  • MrAnonymous

    Jessenia got them full lips that’ll make Angelina Jolie jealous.. No implants, injections or oestrogen, all natural.. but my favorite feature is her mind cuz inner beauty last forever..

    • Joe

      She has boob implants, these days who doesn’t in the industry. Fake=Fame. She also reportedly has a few STD’s as well, also common in the industry so , whatever. She is pretty, but too bad she is a walking contradiction, an intelligent women would not be parading herself like a piece of meat. Daddy issues for sure.

  • Denzel

    She has some fine hondas let me tell ya


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  • Leo

    She is truly a beautiful, down to earth, intelligent woman. Representing us Jerseyians and Ecuadorians makes me support her even more. i wish her all the best, success, and everything in between to go right for her.

    on a side note…… i may or may not have the lips but i would like to give a shot on being the guy who gives that great massage youve been wanting. ;-) lol. let me know when and where, we’ll make it happen.

  • mehdi


  • Lil’ Nello

    Yea it’s funny she said she thinks her lips are probably 1 of her best assets because that’s what I told her before when I seen 1 of her twitter avis! Jessenia also has a really stunning figure & skin-tone as well as stunningly gorgeous eyes! Besides actually being pretty smart she seems to be really humble & down to earth which I love a lot!

  • worldizmine

    Yes the best looking women I have ever seen on this site D@MN RIGHT I SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!
    She look better than Kim K. she not too thick just right the kind you never grow tired of looking at.

  • makavelli

    winnerrrrrrrrrrrr…….i mean winninggggggggggggg……..she is stunning……dogspeed

  • m_S_j

    i hope to life ,with look at beautiful womans


    I’ll Hit it with the lazy eye!

  • kingscounty

    best of the year no doubt. XXXL

  • Jay Kellz

    Sweetheart I always been a fan of work and as always your looking gorgeous and sexy in front of the camera. As much hard work you put into your modeling as you do at work in the E.R. you are a successful super star in my book! God Bless!!

  • steve

    Jessenia can bite me anytime

    The “HOTTEST “Woman around and she is a “JERSEY GIRL”

  • William McClendon

    Way ta go Jess got your back all the way!!!

  • mrnevaseen1

    You’re so..goregous, sexy, and breathtaking as always!!! just beautiful. May god bless your success!!! =)