California girl Jassmine Sasha Amos is a self-described tomboy and scholar who took a break from the books back in 2008 to focus full-time on modeling. Boy, are we glad she did. The biology major, who once aspired toward a career in Sports Medicine, has helped revive our interest in videos like Snoop Dogg ft. T-Pain “Boom,” Trey Songz “I Need A Girl” and GLC ft. Kanye West “Big Screen.” For more on this biracial beauty, check out “Six Things You Should Know” about Jassmine below.

Shorty Is Sporty
Growing up I played basketball. I’ve been running track since I was six. I was always hair in a ponytail -- and shorts! I never wore dresses or skirts or jumpers.
[Now] I love being able to get into character, to be dressed up and prepped and pampered and get my hair done and makeup done. It’s really fun. The worst part is getting up early in the morning and sometimes having to drive long distances. The early morning to the late night is my least favorite thing… Or when it’s really cold and we have to be in a bikini.

Hard Knock Life
My mom works for UPS, where she is an unloader. My dad just got out of prison a couple of months ago. He was in for 17 years. My mom has been trying to help me get into modeling since I was little. I would always get scouted, but they’d want like thousands of dollars to do my portfolio. My dad was an actor before he went to prison, and he would always say you’re not supposed to pay for anything. Everywhere we went they tried to get money for my pictures, but my mom and I were on like Section 8 and food stamps. When I hit 18 I thought I’d take things into my own hands.

Breakthrough Moment
Three years ago I did a music video for a friend and there was a casting director there, Pablo Cornejo. He asked me if I wanted to do a video the next day. I did it and he asked if I wanted to start working as his personal assistant. Being his personal assistant I would also be at the castings and so a lot of the producers and directors would ask me to audition for the roles and it started happening more and more. I signed with Otto Models and I started doing print and commercial modeling. It’s given me the opportunity to travel on my downtime and do stuff for my family. It’s put me in a comfort zone.

Hip-Hop Lover
I’m not going to say I’d never date a rapper, but I have no intentions to. There aren’t any that attract me. And they’d have to come at me on a whole ‘nother level; something besides being a rapper, having a nice paycheck or anything of that nature. Right now my favorite rapper is J. Cole. He’s extremely talented lyrically. He has a lot of passion behind his music… And you can actually understand what he’s saying in all his songs. It was fun working with Snoop, he’s real chill, laid back. My favorite so far was Kanye West. He was not what I expected to be, with the media and how they expose him to be. He really wasn’t an asshole and I was prepared. I was like if he’s an ass, it’s whatever, I’m ready. But he was so cool. he was cracking jokes.

Turning Her On

I’m dating somebody. We just made it official! What really turns me on is a good kisser. I have to know you can kiss before I can take any steps further with you. In the bedroom I usually let the guy take over and once we get into it that’s when I like to take over. Or if I feel he’s getting tired I take it by the reins and take control of the situation. I really like when the guy puts in the effort and gives some good foreplay.

Showing Off
I love the shape of my body. I love my skin tone. I love everything. But I’m not getting naked for ANYBODY. No nudity. I’m actually very comfortable with my body. I’m comfortable with nudity – it’s just exposing it to the world. I love wearing lingerie and being in bikinis. I love my body. I’m not going to expose it fully, but I love it. People would probably be surprised to know I have 12 piercings and nine tattoos…most of which are concealed. And I drive like a man: hard and fast, and I drive stick!

Hometown: Covina, CA
Stats: 34C-24-36
Height: 5’9
Racial Background: Black & white
Representation: Otto Models/Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited

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