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Photography courtesy of Davide

REPS: Detroit, MI

STATS: 34D-25-37

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “[I was the] lead in latest Slum Village video for ‘Faster,’ Cover Girl’s No. 1 international biker magazine Horse Backstreet Choppers, [and] appeared in ads for Chrysler.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I love Common! He is an awesome artist - soul hip-hop I call it. [It’s] like poetry to music.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “It’s a tie between Busta Rhymes, ‘Put Ya Hands Where My Eyes Can See,’ and Mase, Diddy, and Big, ‘Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.’ Busta because at [that] time that video was huge and he had the whole Coming To America theme with the glow in the dark part…it was just dope! He’s always so animated and innovative. Then ‘Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems’ because I remember being younger watching that video getting hype every time it came on. It was such a feel good song and video. [It] just gives you good feelings when you watch it!”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, so my ultimate dream video shoot would definitely have been a MJ video. But, present artist, I’d say a Ne-Yo video. He always has dope videos with awesome plots, and a beautiful leading lady. I’m sure I could fill those shoes rather nicely.”

SEX APPEAL: “Aside from my physical features I have a sexy demeanor. I’m always complimented on my personality and my smile. Physically, my lips and eyes, and of course the twins – 100% natural might I add!”

TURN-ON: “I love a motivated man with an awesome sense of humor, and I love a man who I can share a laugh with.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @Need4Lspeed or MySpace

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