Just like a perfect verse needs a tight beat, every rapper needs a tight chick. On the day after Valentine's Day XXLMag.com is still feeling the effects of a love hang over so we decided to highlight the hottest rapper wifeys. The list was tough to choose from, but we didn't mind running through pics of these ladies to pick the best 14 tied to hip-hop stars. The rap game may be a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothin' without the girls.

#Alicia - Featured

Beyonce (Married to hip-hop's CEO, Jay-Z)


Alicia Keys (Married to Swizz Beatz)

Alicia Keys Final

Tiny (Married to ATL trap star, T.I.)

Tiny Final

Amber Rose (Ex-girlfriend of Kanye West and associated with Wiz Khalifa)

Amber Rose final

Kim K (Currently associated with Kanye West)

Kim Final

Esther Baxter (Dating Joe Budden)

Esther Final

Cassie (Dating hip-hop's Bad Boy, Diddy)

Cassie Final

Coco (Married to Ice-T)

Coco Final

Serena Williams (Ex-girlfriend of Common)

Serena Final

Mariah Carey (Married to rapper-turned-actor-turned-CEO, Nick Cannon)

Mariah Final

Jada Pinkett Smith (Married to rapper-turned-actor, Will Smith)

Jada Final

Eudoxie (Dating Ludacris)

Eudoxie Final