Flavor of Love Reunion

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson and London “Deelishis” Charles, the luscious ladies of Flavor of Love 2, reunited this weekend in Augusta, GA at Club 706 to host an unforgettable Saturday night. By the looks of it, they got it in, and XXLmag.com has the pics to prove it.

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  • tego centeno

    i would have to say shay looks better than london because that hair and those tattoos are horrible sorry ma but that how i feel about it.


    I love how sistas be trying to claim “baddest bitch” but yet all the brothas like to marry whites and latinas! thats some funny shit! name one brother besides will smith that got a sista as a wife! besides ice cube and dre! all the rest of these “so called brothas” dont even want nothing to do with sistas!! lol, just thought id comment on that shit! since I seen my mother in disgust when she saw some craccka ass bitch with my cousin tirik! sistas is second rate now! thanks quincy jones, thanks kennndras husband, thanks russell simmons, thanks kobe, thanks tiger woods, thanks lamar odem, thanks wayne brady, thanks bryant gumble, thanks le bron , thanks seal, thanks “dream” thanks to all the N.B.A brothas!! I could name more brotha with whites then more brothas with sistas!! (does it matter) yeah it dose!

    • tego centeno

      Why you hating i’m a latin dude i take care of my lady which she is black american. That why black woman have the highest rate of being single and divorce because there no black man who will deal with there drama. As for my lady and me we communicate and have been consistent in our relationship. Please don’t hate just be open-minded.

    • swype-matic

      I’m sorry, I may have missed the memo that every black man is an athlete or an NBA player.

      • swype-matic

        My bad, meant athlete or entertainer.

    • BIGNAT

      why you blaming all those people you stay with who wants to be with you. it’s not like these guys ran away from black women it’s what they chose. you say thanks tiger woods tiger is not even all black he is mixed. le bron got a black women with two kids. the way your mom feels about that situation is not the way you should feel. your mom comes from a different time where stuff like that wasn’t accepted. that white girl didn’t do anything but like your cousin. did you guys even go talk to her? also what you mean because brothers i think meant to say black men are trying to fit in. into what exactly? you not giving any examples you just saying they putting black women on the back burner.

  • lostjunky

    i dnt undrstand how these chix out at tha club got anythng 2 do wit bruthas still huntin dwn snow bunnies. blk dudes hav been chasin tha lite, brite, damn near whyt girls since 4ever it seems, i caught on quik & hav been wit evrybdy besides blk guys ever since. i thnk mor blk women shuld do tha same. : )


    Yeah but if you latino and being with a sista then good for you! I mean yall ain’t really white so you share some comanalities! but to see my ma duke’s with this face of trying to understand it? there was no words! she didnt even know I saw her make that face, but I knew what she was thinking! its just fucked up that yeah white girls are sexy in they own right, just as latinas are, but sistas is on the back burner cause of brothas trying to fit in! white bitches, asians, latina girls is like chicken to a mufuka!! lol, but you dont see sistas doing it to brothas!!