Flavor of Love 2: Where Are They Now [Gallery]

Buckeey vs. Krazy

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson

XXL: You were a hit on Flavor of Love 2, then you had a lot of other stuff going on in after the show. Today, people are saying things have kind of died out for you. Are your 15 minutes of fame up or are you still building your career?

I’m in Atlanta, GA, but I just came back from L.A. I’m trying to work on a few projects with Larissa [aka Bootz] and myself [and] Deelishis and I [just did] a party in Augusta, GA on January 8th [at Club 706]. But if they wanna know where the party’s at [and how to find me, use] my Twitter @ShayJohnson or my MySpace/shayjohnsonatl. Google me bitch, it ain’t that hard.

Okay, okay. So do you link up with Deelishis a lot or any other girls from the show?

I looked at D like she was a sister and sisters they fight. If I say I got love for you, I can love you from a distance and not talk to you and come back like nothing ever happened. But me and Larissa have been working more lately then me and D. Me and Larissa have been working on a few projects. As far as the show, those are the only two people that I would have love for. The rest of them hoes they can kiss my ass.

So what’s your relationship with Flav? Are you guys friends or you were just cool for the moment?

I went on Flava of Love looking for an opportunity. No we are not friends. No we did not date. I have nothing against him at all. I wish him the best, but it was just a TV show. People kind of take it a little too seriously.

Are you dating anyone now?

I’m not gonna say what he does, but [I was] involved with someone. [But] now I’m officially single.

To change it up real quick, let’s talk about your ass. There’s been some speculation lately that you’ve had butt shots. Is that true?

The way my ass jiggle and wiggle it ain’t no shots up in here baby. God blessed me naturally. My momma put this up in me! My momma is bad. [But] don’t get it twisted; I love looking at [ass]. I go to the strip club all the time to make it rain on them with somebody else money. Not with my money, I ain’t stupid.

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  • T

    Damn, I was expecting booty pictures.

    • T

      I spoke too soon, yay!!!

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    For everybody wonderin’ … the pictures are on the last page.

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      Yo homie thanks i was close to skip the article. BOOOTAY

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    Oh my, page 6!!

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    Sorry, I meant pic 6!


    Are you crazy!!! look at pic 3. Buckeey looking fine as hell. Look at that ass. daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn. Buckeey has the best pics to me.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Damn, that outfit must be painted on! Ain’t no outfit in the world fit THAT well!!

      • htownsown

        thats body paint thats not a suit, and whats up with these rachet ass pics and the lame photoshop!!

  • wow

    Cot damn!

  • anutha_level

    oh my…creampies for everyone!

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    Buckeey has the best pics. i love the body paint. wow

  • Huh?

    Her last posted youtube video was in 2007. *ed lover face* come on, son.

  • Shawty J

    Loved Buckeey’s pictures. Love Deelishis on page six as well.

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    need tracks? go to soundclick.com/tragikmuzik2011AD

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    Delishis wins again

  • meezymane

    Damn Larissa’s sexy ass…look like them tig ol’ bitties bout to bust out the swimsuit!



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  • ZULA

    Love Buckeey & Deelishis But BOOTZ AKA Larissa Aurora is a fake bitch . Good for her new life . No love for bootz and I heard her youtube account got hack or deleted by fan who dislike her bully way .