So Much More with Keyshia Dior, XXL Outtakes

What was the event where you were photographed with Lil’ Wayne?
It was just an event on South Beach, just a regular club. It wasn’t nothing major.

And where did you get the blue lipstick from?
It actually was not blue lipstick; I created something and put it on my lips.

Don’t be coy. How did you create it?
I don’t have to tell the world that. That’s how I am, I create everything. I always create stuff, even if it were a dress, I would turn it into a shirt. My outfit was blue with a little bit of glitter and I was like, “I want to be different tonight, let me try some blue lipstick.” And I didn’t have any blue lipstick, what can I put on my lips that looks like lipstick. I just came up with some stuff and I put it on my lips and it worked. It did exactly what I wanted it to do as far as to go with my outfit. And look, I’m going to turn into a mogul with just that thing that I did that night. Look at that.

None of the cosmetic lines have blue lipstick because they’re not thinking to make blue lipstick. So being the edgy girl that I am, I like to set different trends. I got so many great responses from it and girls are contacting me daily about where can they get the lipstick. So I got a company to make the lipstick for me.

Right off of that, Secret Kisses was born.
There you go. —Sean A. Malcolm

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  • http://yahoo Jazzybelle

    DAMN MAMI u look hot !!!

  • Kasheika

    This was a good interview. I was side eyeing her about Gucci Mane and Sean A. Malcolm asked the right questions. I love Keyshia Dior style. Keep doin ya thang mama!