XXL: Did you always intend to be a model or was your break in Timbaland’s “Say Something” video out of chance?

KEYSHIA DIOR: Yeah, it’s something that just happened. I was more focused on my styling. It was kind of hard getting through to certain artists that I didn’t have connects to. So I was like, “if I do this video and it goes well and I do other videos, I will meet the artists on a first name basis whereas I go through an assistant.”

Makes sense…
So, that’s kinda what I had in my head, it was a game plan for me but it didn’t work out like that. I mean, yeah I met them and yeah I can style them but the modeling really really took off.

Wasn’t the main lead in the “Say Something” video originally slated for a trained actress?
Yeah, it was supposed to be for an actress because I never wanted to do video modeling because video girls were always stereotyped. And I didn’t want that behind my name.

What’s the stigma of a video model in your view?
That they sleep with the rappers that they work with. Once you do a video with a rapper or you’re seen with a rapper, you’re automatically sleeping with them because that’s what’s been done in the past or that’s what’s been said in the past.

Thanks for the segue, Keysh. After you notched a couple of vids under your belt, rumors of you and Gucci Mane being an item circulated the blogs.
Me and Gucci met on the “911” set, he was fresh out of jail. We grew really close together and we did a lot of events so the blogs ran with it and said Keyshia Dior is dating Gucci Mane. But we are just friends.

You don’t have any physical attraction to Gucci?
I mean, honestly before I did the video, and you asked me this question I would’ve told you no. But meeting him in person and the person he is and what you think of him as from hearing he’s not that person. So I grew attracted to him for being the person he is and not Gucci Mane the rapper. Because he’s nothing like I portrayed him to be.

How did you portray him?
I portrayed him to be really rough, and you know, they have the gold teeth in their mouth and the whole thug thing or whatever.