REPS: Fayetteville, NC

STATS: 33B-24-40

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: I” was a runway model for a feature boutique in a J. Cov Indulge Fashion Network fashion show [in] July.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I honestly can't pick just one. A few to name are Young Money, [Young] Jeezy, Trey Songz, Jay-Z, B.o.B, Keri Hilson, and Trina.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Right now, my favorite video is ‘Your Love’ by Nicki Minaj. It’s something that everyone can relate to. You and someone have love for each other and there is always someone trying to come in between it and break it up. The wardrobe in the video looks great, and Nicki looks beautiful in this video.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I would love to be featured in a Trey Songz or Young Money video. Trey Songz because his videos are always sexy and [they] fulfill the visual needs of an audience that need to be entertained. Young Money because they always seem to have fun when doing video shoots, and I'm all about getting loose and having fun!”

SEX APPEAL: “Not only do I have a nice body but I have the face to go with it. Not an okay face; I'm sexy. It's rare to find a female my age that has blossomed such as I have. I can almost guarantee that, especially where I am from. My physical features and best assets are my eyes and the proportion of my waist and ass (excuse my language). I speak with my eyes. When I glare it's like I'm looking down into a person’s soul. I can get pretty intense with just looks and no words spoken.”

TURN-ON: “One thing that turns me on about the opposite sex is swag. A man’s swag can make him so sexy. He may be ugly, but if he has swag he can bypass a dude who is fine with no swag.”

Photography courtesy of Soopaman Photography

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