Halie, “Why is My Butt So Big?” [Eye Candy x Gallery]

If you watched Cincinnati Bengals superstar Chad Ochocinco’s VH1 reality show, The Ultimate Catch, this past summer, you couldn’t have missed Heather, the contestant shaped like the number eight. However, the Portland-to-Miami transplant is better known to your favorite rappers as Halie, the name she models under. The 23-year-old, 34C-24-41–owner has bettered videos such as Jeremih’s “I Like,” Trey Songz’s duet with Nicki Minaj, “Bottoms Up,” and Rick Ross’s “Aston Martin Music.” Forget unscripted television—take one look at her frame and ask yourself, “What’s realer than that?”

How was it shooting the “Aston Martin Music” video? We hear it went down like a mini-movie.

That was chaotic—it was kids and police officers and cars and a lot of different locations. I had a throwback scene in the video, where Ross is supposed to be younger. I’m the neighborhood girl that Rick Ross wants to have when he gets older.

So are you the girl that a guy should have when he gets older?

Of course. I’m very catering to my man. I like to have fun, keep it spicy and new, cook and clean for you—I do it all.

Being half-Black and half-White, have you always embraced your curves?

As a child, I had to get adjusted to [my curves]. I used to have a big butt in elementary school. I went to an all-White school, so I used to cry every day to my mom, “Why is my butt so big, and why do those boys pick on me?” She had no answers for me.

What brought you to Miami?

I’ve been in Miami for, like, three years now. I came out here one year for spring break and never went back. I never knew this kind of stuff existed: staying up all night, partying and drinking, beaches, sun. I was like, “This is way better than Portland!” —Bonsu Thompson

All Images by Amy Postle

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    Shot for XXL by Amy Postle, November 2010
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    Shot for XXL by Amy Postle, November 2010

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  • speaks

    wow a true xxl mag model i love it and she has some pretty feet

  • King Joffy Joe

    Damn. She turnt up!

  • HU

    It’s funny how XXL eyecandy can go from the bottom of the barrel like last week to near the top like this week. This looks like a nice, respectable, and beautiful woman who does indeed have a chance at modeling. Last week was a low, filthy hood goblin just showin’ ass.

    • http://nwso.net Anslem

      That’s because there are TWO different sections. EYE Candy are the girls from music videos that were shot for the magazine once a month (see the XXL logo on flicks), and the WEB Candy are aspiring models on the come up and more of a mixed bag that submit their own flicks.

  • kboog

    she is fine ass hell. its so funny when you blend a black with any other race how fine there offspring look.

  • Boca

    FINALLY yall niggas post up a chick thats fine as fuck. Was wonderin what that bullshit was last time.

  • blak

    in the words of juvenile “them tits look nice yea i wanna bite yea”

  • Anonymous

    Definitely an xxl ,maybe better. I just hope she don’t get turned out by that big city life. That’s usually how it ends for small town girls.

  • o

    love to tap that shorty is hot as hell !!!!

    • Karim

      I co-sign… I’d hate to use a condom on that mane…

  • Bigplay

    only 1 ass shot though & it’s looking real nice.

  • zayzkidd

    Where the thick black girls at? I’m tired of these stinkin’ hoes always on this bitch. yeah, them bitches fine but the black bitches is too.

    • swype-matic

      Ummm…did you bother to read the article?? She is black, half, but still.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Damn, she got a classy look to her, real modeling potential. Funny how she mentioned moving from Portland to Miami; I was the same way when I moved from Virginia to California…ain’t never going back unless I’m going to visit the folks.

  • BeerGangsta

    I got to move back to Miami!!! I did not see yard booty when i was down there!!

  • Anonymous

    wow why is this chick hatin on halie she is black smh

  • freakey toney

    dam now thats what im talkin about. eating the pussy hole aint enough. you got lick the booty hole and all. i would let her sent on my face for 48 hours..just like the movie. i know that booty stink if it dont stink it aint no good. shouts to xxlmag for this eye candy. tell her to hit me on my email address. i aint like the rest of these bloggers, i want pull out.

  • Zuluboy Wonda

    She hot… but I voted M – what’s the cover-up, show some skin dammit…lol…

  • balaramesh

    @Zuluboy Wonda,

    chicks like her dont really half to do all the booty shots. that is really for the chicks with an “ok” face.

  • http://xxlmag.com xavier

    this girl have it all,but i really like her face,she deserve’s a xxl

  • Hersh

    Stupid fucking bitch.

  • Crakalakin’

    Yeh she got it all n den sum. I wear her ass on ma face 24/7. Def wifey material.

  • http://XXLMAG.com Jayhard

    Fine as Wine!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!! XXXXXL!! All Day

  • ultimate_hustla

    Flawless victory baby!

  • popped

    XXL, and barring personality issues, she is wife material.

  • http://google sean lessane

    I don’t know what ochocinco was thinking!

  • chris

    her butt is fake and i have pics to prove it! lmao talking bout going home and crying to her mom! B please…. GTFOH!

  • LaMont

    Lawd have mercy! She is sexy as hell…look at that ass!

  • cheramy

    ok super sexy bella .halie ++++++