Although Tahiry José was never legally Mrs. Joe Budden, she refuses to catch the short end of her breakup’s proverbial stick. If you think her 15 minutes are up because she isn’t playing cat and “Mouse” anymore, she has a few requests. First, she wants you to check out her new calendar.  Then peep her in Fat Joe and Young Jeezy’s “Ha Ha (Slow Down)” video, before logging on to Oh, and she’d also like for you to cop Fever, the new energy drink she’s the spokeswoman for. But before any of that, Tahiry wants you to see what she gave XXL for our 13th birthday.

Models pop for a couple years then disappear. What’s your plan to not fall off?

You have to have an engine behind you and people that believe in you. So from being a spokeswoman to having my own T-shirt line, to my workout DVD… The thing about Tahiry is that, not only do people love hearing from her, they love looking at her.

Can you tell the female readers your fat-ass/flat-abs secret? Please?

I pretty much stick to my protein and two liters of water a day. I have one cheat day: Sunday. I do heavy weights and less repetition. Plus, when I do cardio, I cut up really quick.

How do you feel about your ex, Joe Budden, dating the superhot Esther Baxter?

I have no feelings. Funny thing is, I worked with her when me and Joey just broke up. We went to Baton Rouge for the screening of the movie Meagan Good did, Video Girl. That was, like, nine months ago, and now they supposedly been together for a couple months. I don’t really care. He could date Lady Gaga, and I’d give him a high five.

Would you ever date another rapper?

I won’t say I’d never date another rapper. People think it’s glitz and glamour, but it’s harder than these girls think. I’ll never say never. —Bonsu Thompson

Images Angela Boatwright