Sashia Summers, Naughty & Nice [WEB CANDY x Gallery]

Photography courtesy of Koshmo Photography and Femelle Studios

Photography courtesy of Koshmo Photography and Femelle Studios

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Best of XXL


    She’s attractive but XXL has had better.

  • ridiculous reality


    • eesco

      I concur sir. She is Ehhhhhhhhhhhh…….

  • BeerGangsta

    Oversea Azz!!!! Never had no Oversea Azz yet. Don’t under estimate me. I love to get her in bed and thump. When I pull my shit out of my pants she will think it was a pump!! LOL!!!

  • MmHmm

    I’d eat…

  • Anonymous

    damn… but i seen better… dont get me wrong I’d hit

  • Gotta Wonder

    Oh yeah , SHe Ready!!!

  • antonio

    What’s up with our USA talent, she don’t compete

  • Jeff

    Very attractive. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s from across the pond or that I’m tired of domestic women but I could kiss those lips all night.

  • UK Boi

    Shes ok, but I wouldnt turn my nead if she walked past me….Standard.

  • What cuz!

    I agree she ok just ok! not a head turner.

  • J Boogie

    She looks like your average stripper at the club

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  • daaah

    ya def stripper-esque. saggy tits, nasty feet, out-ie belly-button, wheres the c-section?


    kinda looks like trina.



  • Anonymous

    really stupid

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