Denise Melendez, Certified Brain [WEB CANDY x Gallery]

REPS: New York, NY

STATS: 36D-24-39

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “My biggest professional accomplishments are enrolling in school again to get my Master of Science in Entertainment Business, and landing a role on 30 Rock as a dancer. [Also] becoming a certified personal trainer.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “My favorite rapper is Eminem. I think he is so incredibly talented. He is the greatest rapper of all time in my opinion.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My favorite hip-hop video is ‘Big Pimpin’ by Jay Z. It’s just such a fun video to watch. They really look like they are having the time of their lives!”

DREAM JOB: “I would love to play the lead for a Drake video. He is an amazing artist and I’m am huge fan of his music.”

SEX APPEAL: “What makes me sexy is that I know that I’m sexy. I’m very confident, and confidence is what makes a man or a woman sexy.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate turn-on is an intelligent, kind and confident man. A great sense of humor is also very sexy.”

Are you an aspiring model or know someone that feels worthy of being a XXL Web Candy of the Week? Submit your best shots to us at for consideration. Good luck!

Photography courtesy of Jeremy Jennings


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  • sipote

    I swear sum of the hottest women are latin I mean come on Vida Guerra Roci from 106 they’re just more erotic looking and their skin can vary from white to a nice caramel skin tone

  • Money Mitch

    God damn is it just me or do these women have no real life goals?? Don’t little girls grow up wanting to be something important anymore??

    DREAM JOB: “I would love to play the lead for a Drake video. He is an amazing artist and I’m am huge fan of his music.”

    I mean really that’s it? All she wants to be is a video hoe?? Beauty with out brains is like a car with no engine….IT’S FUCKIN’ USELESS!!

    • that nigga

      I agree, fuck what these horny lil niggas think. Thinkin’ with the wrong head. If your absolute goal is to be lead inna Drake video then you have a problem, Ms..

    • geico lizard

      I cosign everything you said homie. She got a XXL vote from me on looks alone but her head is empty. They most she can hope for is getting pregnant by a pro athlete and living off the child support.

      • Anslem

        For the record, the “dream job” question is always in reference to the modeling field since that’s what their aspiring to be. You want her to say astronaut when she wants to be a model?

  • slaps ‘em

    def one of the best in a while

    haha i can agree w/ money mitch, thats why u dont fall in love w/ girls lookin to make a fat wallet. it might not b the most respectable dream job but its a quick way to make a fat chunk of change, meanin she run your ass dry. bang her then boot her (preferably in the head since her butt slammin)

  • Honcho

    This woman get’s a XXL….easily

  • IHateU

    uhhh the chick is a model what the fcuk u think her dream job is to be an astro physicist or something GTFOH and ma u r super bad.

    • geico lizard

      You may be right. I may have been too hard on her earlier but after Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum took modeling to other careers we expect more drive from women who model now. She has a masters so maybe she will do more with her life.

  • Da Illest

    This is the best chick ive seen in a while from this site. At least she went and got her masters so she isnt a dumb broad like some of these hoodrats who this their shit dont stink.

  • HipHop Since 1981

    Yeah shawty bad as hell but I don’t dig her taste in rappers. Eminem the greatest of all time? C’mon Ma!

    • Da Illest

      Eminem as greatest of all time isnt that far off my man. He can probably out rhyme alot of rappers now or even back then.

  • Kingroy

    When they say Dream Job. I think they’re talking about in the modeling buisness.:/ I could be wrong.

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  • EmCDL

    I thought the other chick was finer than this one. Homegirl got a piglet face LOL

  • Caroline

    you really sexy..
    and I LIKE Big Pimpin too!
    I think he is very talented

  • Luvz

    Shes Really Pretty & She Did Say She Had A Master of Science in Entertainment Business;So She Is Intellegent Not Just Another Hoe I Mean “Model”.

  • b-real 757

    she look like a hispanic Meagan Good.

  • Chiliz

    Good head with an intellegent brain on top of a smoking body gets me hot.

  • balaramesh

    she nice. better than most chicks on here. in regards to em; at least he is a elite lyricist. i am not mad at that. it could be worse…………..

  • Worldizmine

    She would get it all day & night! I always judge women on the artist they like she is smart & lazy at the same time just like most pretty women they get educated just in case they can not snatch up a guy with big dough with her looks & puzzy power. Same shet different toliet.
    But with her looks she should get what she looking for $$$$$$$$$$$! Somebody will buy I mean wife it.

  • ant

    all these woman say th esame shit” my goals is to be in a dream video. I swear woman go through always trying to use there bodies to get some wear. If all you want is a video you ain’t saying much. Guys they maybe fine. But if she don’t a good head you umb for being with these hoes




  • UK Boi`

    Peeps, Im from the UK and im tellin ya now….She is off the chain…..Seeeeexxxxyyyy!!

  • antonio

    Nice! And no dumbass tattoos makes a real nice change! xxl

  • antonio

    NICE! No dumbass tattoos for a change too! XXL!

  • Fort Lauderdale Caterers

    My friend suggested a car rental shop when my family and I planned a vacation out of town. It was an option for us since we didn’t have a car back then. I didn’t regret renting one because it was an experience and now I know that it is more convenient.

  • Harra$$dadon

    Bout time XXL!

  • Dentist

    I have a schedule with my dentist Monday to have my braces removed . I am so excited because I have been having my braces for 2 years now. I can no longer recall how I really appear without my braces. I’m planning to have a hair cut after going the dentist to have a overall make over of myself. I’ll be visiting to the dentist tomorrow to go together with my grandfather. He’s having troubles with his false teeth because it never stops on coming off. whenever he eats or talks it would just suddenly come off and he finds it very embarrassing . We’re considering to have his false teeth adjusted or maybe get him some new ones.

  • BeerGangsta

    When can we meet Denise. I am your type of man. I have a nice sense of humor. I don’t hang around a lot of hardankle!! That shit is wack!! I am going to make the big apple and half apple. Hope to meet you one day. Sincerely yours BeerGangsta!!!!!!!

  • Keepin’ It Real

    Wow that last shot is amazing

  • krystalyn

    she dope buh i think she rubs her pussy much,what in the world il she be down with some wack shit drake dream job,dats bimbo s fuck…she be of d hook on some str8 g game…4 get paper…du real..shit!!!

  • krystalyn

    mamie ur drake move suckx….what da fuck?she juuust lyk empty bottle on a re-fill tip…wonder what por toy u be rocking erafta ur dream job…think mamie!!!use ur education 2 advance…shit!!dont make me bang ur sibling…

  • Suzie

    I actually happen to know her personally and she is a truley amazing person, very intelligent. Alot of times interviews get edited and things are taken out of context.

  • conceive a girl

    come to think of that , i never considered it in that way before

  • david

    very face pretty god bless. no tattoos even better