No man, woman or force of nature can hold Allain Victoria back. Five years ago, she was a budding model in her lifelong home of New Orleans. Making her mark, the southern stunna cashed checks from brands such as Crown Royal and DUB, as well as decorating videos for local artists like B.G. and the late Soulja Slim. Then Hurricane Katrina ravaged the N.O. in August 2005 and her career was put on hold. Today, the 25-year-old survivor is back in the Dirty Dirty and hotter than ever, as evidenced by the recent videos for Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg” and Ludacris’s “Sex Room” (featuring Trey Songz). Beauty and inner strength—talk about a double threat.

How did Hurricane Katrina affect you personally?

Things were just starting to happen for me when the storm came. I’m from [East] New Orleans, where Katrina hit the hardest. I lost everything. I only had three days’ worth of clothes.

You’ve bounced back quite well. How did you land the “Shutterbugg” vid?

I met [Def Jam VP of Creative Services] Margo Wainwright on the set of Ne-Yo’s [“Never Knew I Needed”] video. They had the lead already and just needed girls to play her friends. But they had to keep toning down my makeup, ’cause they said I kept outshining her. So [Margo said] next time she’ll make sure I get more shine.

How exactly did they shoot you holding Big Boi’s face in your hand for “Shutterbugg”?

[Laughs] He was kneeling down, and I was holding his head. They just Photoshopped his body out.

So did you enjoy seducing Ludacris?

Actually, I didn’t even know the name of the song. When I got to the area of the hotel, with makeup and hair, I saw this big round bed. [Then] Chris Robinson [the director] was like, “Play with these sex toys.” Ludacris asked me if I ever heard the song, and I said “No, what’s the name of it?” He was like, “Sex Room.”

I just said, “Oh my goodness.” —Bonsu Thompson

Photography by Jimmy Fontaine

Photography by Jimmy Fontaine