REPS: Buffalo, NY, (currently residing in the DMV)

STATS: 38C-28-42

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: America’s Fashion Week Show; several other fashion shows in the DMV area showcasing up-and-coming designers.

FAVORITE ARTIST: “My favorite rapper hands down is Drake. I started listening to his mixtapes back when he was still known for Degrassi. Drake is very similar to Lil Wayne, with the clever wordplay on his songs, and I definitely appreciate that. He’s an artist to just sit down and vibe with, and I love that about him.

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My new favorite video is ‘Massive Attack’ by Nicki Minaj feat. Sean Garrett. Nicki isn’t afraid to be creative and try something different, and I absolutely love that.”

DREAM JOB: “Career-wise, my dream job is to become a certified scene technician, since my degree is in criminal justice. Law enforcement runs in my family and I thrive on the thrill of running into something new everyday. Video-wise, my dream job would to be in a Trey Songz video. Not only is he sexy, but he has also grown so much as an artist. He’s very versatile with his rapping, as well as singing, and I would definitely enjoy working with him. Usually an artist can only sing or rap—not both—and he channels that very well.”

SEX APPEAL: Being sexy to me is all about possessing an inner confidence and beauty. You can be the baddest bitch walking, but having that inner beauty that goes along with it is very rare.

TURN-ON: “A turn-on for me is a man with height, since I’m 5’10. Oh, and A man with dreads, too.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: or Model Mayhem

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Photography courtesy of Candice Yates

Photography courtesy of ApplePhat Studios

Photography courtesy of ApplePhat Studios