Ajsha J., Control Freak [WEB CANDY x Gallery]

REPS: Charlotte, NC

STATS: 37C-27-40

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “I would have to say being in the Waka Flocka Flame ‘O Let’s Do It’ video.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “OMG, this is such a loaded question. I am truly a lover of all music and a true hip-hop head, but if it comes down to it, all I would have to say is my favorite rapper of all time is Nas. I grew up in Ravenswood/Queensbridge projects so of course Nas was the man to rep, but as I got older and truly listened to his words, I was just like, ‘Wow, this man speaks the truth not just smoking, shooting up cats and [grabbing] up a hoe in the pastime.’ Nas truly speaks the truth of life.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “I would have to say some of my top five videos definitely come from Kayne West. ‘Heartless’ and ‘Flashing Lights’ really made me stop where I was and hit the replay button. Those two videos I can truly watch all day; I mean Kayne is a genius in the making and making a cartoon of your rap video was unseen and undone and he did it to the fullest.”

DREAM JOB: “I would love to work with Hype Williams; I grew up watching his videos. I think he is so artistic and just takes every video and body of work he does to the next level, and not to mention Belly is one of my all time favorite movies. He truly changed the game for videos in the hip-hop and R&B culture.”

SEX APPEAL: “I believe sex appeal and sexiness isn’t about how much skin you show, but how you carry yourself, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you look at someone and always how you keep yourself together. I believe in always acting like a lady, looking my very best every time I step out the house and always letting a man be the king. I know aside from my pretty face and luscious curves my mindset is what makes me sexy.”

TURN-ON: “A major turn-on for me is a man who is first a gentleman—because chivalry is never dead—and second, a man who knows how to take control. A man who will open the car door for you and turn around grab you up and put you over his shoulder when it’s that time… That’s definitely a major turn-on for me.”


Are you an aspiring model or know someone that feels worthy of being a XXL Web Candy of the Week? Submit your best shots to us at XXLWebCandy@harris-pub.com for consideration. Good luck!

Photography courtesy of Jonathan Keitt of Designs by JK


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  • that nigga

    Wholly Shiiit. Incredible. She’s beautiful.

    • Arnold Frazier

      Home girl, you are incredibaly sexy. Keep doing your thing and fuck the haters. What would this world be without them? Do you, and much success. Again,Beautiful, Damn!

      • terry12

        AN INTERRACIAL friends MECCA —- B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS

        COLOR BLIND. Go and have a try!

        AN INTER RACIAL friends MECCA —- B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS

        COLOR BLIND. Go and have a try!

        • Anonymous

          she’s hotter thaan a volcano

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  • Yessir

    Shorty is SUSPECT. Without the weaves, she’ll probably look like a dude. I’ve definetely seen better.

  • Worldizmine

    HA! she snappin on yessir.
    Body pretty hot I must say! She would get from me
    all night & day! Plus she likes nas smart girl we could talk after sex and vibe out. I judge women by who there favorite artist are she is a winner!

  • http://www.myspace.com/cacklackflamer Light

    And that’s the best you’d come up with…If you don’t like the ladies appeal…that’s what needs to be sayed. If she is wearing a weave it’s probably cause of fools like you…Who if you saw her in the street wouldn’t now how to hold your compsure…and call her #itch if she don’t want to halla at you…Sip some luv and get the hate out your blood. Most hate on what the assume they can’t have! Shorty…real to real…this is flawless…if I wasn’t happily occupied, I’d be dedicating my time…trying to find out how to make you smile…Angel’s were giving wings to fly above the rest…So you keep flaping your wings…cause that’s the nature of a queen! and let those haters do there job, you do yours
    Would tell you to stay beautiful…but from my view you have no other choice!
    Much Luv
    One Luv
    A. Wright

  • Worldizmine

    HA! she snappin on yessir.
    Body pretty hot I must say! She would get it from me
    all night & day! Plus she likes nas smart girl we could talk after sex and vibe out. I judge women by who there favorite artist are she is a winner!

  • AfrikaBlack

    She skrait, look a lil funny in the face but she nice tho.

  • BossGame

    Looking good lovely! also I see you’ve done your homework and came prepared to deal with the haters on this site! Good for you! Good luck in your career. Do ya thang and do it big!

  • http://www.myspace.com/Latruth LATRUTH

    Shawty i gave you the highest rating you can get one here. You blew me away with your beauty. I would love to have you in my music video soon. Get at me asap on http://www.myspace.com/Latruth

  • Eh

    S ..seen better

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Carolina is in the buildin again!!

  • rob wadda

    all i gotta say is this shorty fuck what a hater say shorty friend me on face book and twitter same name we’d b cool

  • i be him

    she look like delicious from flava of love they both ugly.. .nice body tho… she probly look like a dude without weeve

    • Nardizzle

      i be him you need a serious eye exam if you think Ajsha looks like a man!

  • i be him

    she look like that delicious from flava of love they both ugly.. nice body.. but without weeve she look like a dude

  • eesco

    She looks decent. I mean her body is the business and her face is aight. She got style points because of her answers to the xxl questions but lost all that shit coming on here and word wrestling with niggas who just trying to b funny with their comments. SMFH……..

  • http://www.thinkitout.com Think it out

    How Do you all even know that it was even her and not someone posing as her?? — Don’t Make assumptions unless you are absolutely Sure.

  • HU

    The fact that’s she showing plenty of skin is what begets good reviews. I won’t say she’s hideous but the internet has allowed everyone to claim to be a model or a musician.

  • Maejor B.

    You Are So Beautiful. . . Skin Tone Is Nice Love It mama.. Keep Doing Your Thing!

  • Dominikingz

    She is Ok but I would still hit it no doubt. She shouldnt get upset when people critize her. When you are shown in public like this, prepare for scrutiny.

  • Uncle B

    Bad wig. Nice body.

  • serialcommentator

    i giver her an A…..for average.

  • Southcidal

    @ Ajsha J

    Why even respond to these dudes? You’re given them satisfaction of knowing you care. Your response is the highlight to most of these dudes day. Hey, you automatically got one up on them in the fact that they’ve opened your link, which is helping your career. Most are sitting at their parents living room table, getting it in on mom’s desktop before she returns from work. If Kanye and Wacka like you, who are these nobodies to say otherwise?

    • Anonymous

      @Southcidal thank you and you are exactly right…if i looked so bad and all that they wouldnt be wacking off right now to my pick…lol i tell u the haters are the motivators …but sometimes u do have to comment to these losers its the only way they even know they exisit otherwise they would go kill themselves lol…and ugly or average loooking haaaaaa these are the same dudes who in the streets with me fully clothed would slap the shyt outta they mama to holla at me lol…but thx for the comment

      @Uncle B,HU,Think it out,i be him and all u other LOSERS out there: HAAAAAAA if imma dude lick my ball sweat and yall probably would haaa delious if im her u flava bytch lol u losers but i LUV yall thou

  • Pr1celess

    girl got a bangin body kinda look like a dude in tha face tho

  • YoungG704

    Im glad to hear from a real women, that chivalry isnt dead, cuz the good men can get discouraged sometimes lol….. Nice read, BIO, and Flashing Lights is MY video… I feel you on that. Pics are crazy You should be featured again and again i would pay for a magazine with you on the cover on it, every month. Especially it im supporting some one sexy that represents good music, and respects chivalry. Nice, Thanks for making the great photography look even better by just being you in it.

  • YoungG704

    Just in Favor of my friend right here, there a lot of pretty girls featured that arent pretty on the inside and are mad corrupted and … well concited, B****s.. BUT Ajsha not even like that in real life, so Chill with the disrespect, if you gone type a msg, type something worth saying or don’t type at all. Just A thought.. Appreciate the bueaty or just click another picture thats probually the most polite thing to do, same people dissin wishin they was kissin that aXX lol

  • http://XXL Honcho

    @Aisha – You’re a “10″ star chick if I ever seen one. Super nice round ass, nice titties, cute face…fuck what these lame ass niggas sayin’ they wish they’re girls allowed them to take control…you right they jackin’ off while they leavin’ comments…lol

    P.S. Keep doin’ yo thang gorgeous the first pic is my favorite but they all “top notch”

  • http://XXL Honcho

    Them last two pics are fire too I like that lingerie thats a BIG turn on

  • The Mighty FiSTO

    I mean shawty you cool and all but don’t get on here acting like you the shit cause you ain’t that tight…Oh and maybe you should learn how to write and spell better, you might not have to show your ass as much if you actually sounded like you got some sort of formal education….

    • Federal Ranga

      OUCH!!! Get em!


  • Gotta wonder

    Gotta wonder, way all the pictures are shot from the side view, no front views at all, and why a wig???? I believe its a dude. Because He/She gets very offended when its mentioned in comments????

  • dea dea

    you doing your thing girl. lots of love.. dea

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “sexiness isn’t about how much skin you show, but how you carry yourself, the way you talk…”

    ^ your comments are not supporting this statement miss.

    And these “losers” could be scouts checking for talent on this site & commenting, it is 2010.

    Good luck with your career choice, I gave you a L rating.

    • http://amr amrd daood ali

      damr frgtgh7yuhjn cfdwxwsxx

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the all the words to the fans and people who like and support thank you..to the others hey if you have nothing nice to say just move on to the next simple…and yes please do make sure you are speaking or hearing from the real person it just may be a poser; but all the same keep the great comments coming and thank you again! Dont forget to follow me @ajshaj and look me up on Facbook thanks again and have a good one!

    The real Ajsha J.

  • Where is the AGGIE Pride?

    You’re an AGGIE you can Aspire to do better to be better. XXL and it’s Glorification of half nakid women bodies isn’t what you want to aspire to be known for is it?

  • swype-matic

    Finally XXL gives us a good one. Ya’ll dropped duds for like WEEKS. Keep doin’ yea thing ajsha j., fine and personality = total package

  • Bob Dole

    Would definetly drop a yard od dingaling off in her bowels.

  • killakali310

    i would seriously smash and im not a fanatic about blk girls lol. too damn gooood!

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  • fresh man

    lookin so sexy

  • Doesnt matter the name

    Why would you entertain the negativity, if it has no relevance to you career. If you know you are attractive, beautiful, sexy etc., let it show through your work. Half of the boys that leave comments under these pics are still in the begining states of manhood. You know elementary, middle school, or high school. A man would respect you for even make the effort to do something positive with your life to critize you, because these things are stepping stones to better things to come in your life. I love to see a beautiful brown skin woman posted on this site so let nothing hold you back and let em talk. I see you…

    • Gotta wonder

      Wow! Positive, what’s so positive about being in a Music video, Being degraded and being almost nude on a website, Wow that’s so Positive about that???, Idiot!

  • CityBoy

    Ajsha keep doing your thing!!! AGGIE PRIDE!!! Brains + Beauty….cant get no better than that! Remember, if you aint got no haters then you aint got shit! So shake em’ off and keep looking sexy! I look forward to seeing your future photos! GO SHAWTY, ITS YA BIRTHDAY!!!

  • http://amrd amr

    amrd amrd cio

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  • BeerGangsta

    Bonified Azz!! Loop Loop i am going to NC to shoot some hoop. Not on Bball court. In between them legs. HAHA

  • TYBO2020


  • http://newestentertainment buddha 2

    operational reasonz thru me buddha shakur album u know not 2 sa nothenin about cha u i fell in love buddha queenz endless magazine my war and conflict straigthrenin my face in tha game we gotcha u under our wing please break diamond test them our factz

  • Konshents

    Wow your favorite rapper of all time is NAS…Now I know I love you. You had me at the looks but damn we have the same favorite rapper….I didn’t think beautiful women really knew hip-hop like that. Mind Elevation. Respect.

  • The Trust

    I am a female…..bi! she isnt no ugly female at all, but to be web eye candy is probably a jump dont u think? when i think i eye candy i think of somebody dat make u look twice even three times and be like damnnnnnnn! she is just the average girl in the neighborhood, and she clearly proved that by the replies she left. smh

  • The Truth


    • TY2GONE

      U a hater…u just saying that cuz u probably look like a dog thats why u a lezzy men dont want u…have no taste

  • Big Hommie

    Ya niggas is crazy this female is fire …that bi chcik needs to stick with the ugly ass bi chicks who probably dont want her either Haaa…and if u read the whole thing like I did shorty left a note saying that wasnt her writing those replys…Baby girl keep doing ya thing you fuckig amazing!!!


    DAMN..XXXXXXXXXLLLLLL alllll day in my book

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    ‘Wow, this man speaks the truth not just smoking, shooting up cats and [grabbing] up a hoe in the pastime.’
    @ Ajsha J.
    4 those words alone u get an XL..

  • balaramesh

    nice looking chick with a BANGING body. PLUS, she likes nas? wow. that is cool

  • kunene

    she is very delicious looking you can even say she is fro South Africa.

  • http://www.dopetracks.com/watkinz WATKINZ DA GENERAL


  • Big Daddy John

    This girl is my friend. She is looking good and I am happy to see her doing her thing. Keep doing your thing A-Train!

  • sonny red “love team$$$”

    definetly sexy as hell ma…keep boomin

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  • Ejason21

    This chick definitely looks like a dude….for those of you that thinks she’s hot obviously don’t get out much OR are used to dealing with total trash face chicks. Step your game up fellas…

  • The 1

    Dude is crazy she is besutiful…i agree its haters out here hard…and probably is mad lol cuz he tried to holla…dudes me a joke when they cant get a female this she “trash”…nah step ur game up Ejason21

  • The 1

    yo…i just checkex shorty on facebook and shes georgious…niggas def haten lol…all i can say is im in luv 4real

  • http://twitter.com/bellamy973 Bellamy

    xl because that lace front need to go

  • http://070984 bebo


  • redrum

    man face.?? uhh, but i’d still hit dat. XL

  • KoUgh


  • Anonymous

    looking good ma…xxl all day

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    I believe you are right completely…

  • http://beveragemakers.tumblr.com/ Bunn Coffee Machine

    I don’t disagree with this blog…

  • http://facebook.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Even I was able to pick that apart. His “S” was the rating. You did see that under your pictures where people are allowed to vote, right?

    Nonetheless, the photos are cool. Best ones the very first and the very last two. No hate, just saying.

    This is what I don’t understand. XXL puts these pictures up for the audience to check out and rate, if it’s not for them, they have the right to express their opinions. What gets me is some of the “candy” posted on this site actually sits back and responds to these comments. Granted some actually merit a response, but for the most part it’s all in fun. You’ll see comments like that, purely to get your goat other than that, just let people talk.

    I’m sure you have something you don’t like; if it’s made known are you a hater for voicing your opinion? No. Because you have that right.

    I’m not going to get into all that. I didn’t vote. This whole “hater/u mad/ u jealous/u gay” insanity is past pathetic nowadays. I thought we were grown here. Pretty women are everywhere and beauty is only skin deep. Show me where a woman’s mind is then I’ll have something to say. Peace and blessings, people.


  • The Mighty FiSTO

    I mean shawty you cool and all but don’t get on here acting like you the shit cause you ain’t that tight…Oh and maybe you should learn how to write and spell better, you might not have to show your ass as much if you actually sounded like you got some sort of formal education….

  • justsaying

    I voted XXL baby but those last two comments made you lose major cool points. Internet beef is not classy nor ladylike. When decide to become a public figure, you open yourself up to people’s opinions, positive and negative. Learn to deal with it!