REPS: Charlotte, NC

STATS: 37C-27-40

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “I would have to say being in the Waka Flocka Flame ‘O Let's Do It’ video.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “OMG, this is such a loaded question. I am truly a lover of all music and a true hip-hop head, but if it comes down to it, all I would have to say is my favorite rapper of all time is Nas. I grew up in Ravenswood/Queensbridge projects so of course Nas was the man to rep, but as I got older and truly listened to his words, I was just like, ‘Wow, this man speaks the truth not just smoking, shooting up cats and [grabbing] up a hoe in the pastime.’ Nas truly speaks the truth of life.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “I would have to say some of my top five videos definitely come from Kayne West. ‘Heartless’ and ‘Flashing Lights’ really made me stop where I was and hit the replay button. Those two videos I can truly watch all day; I mean Kayne is a genius in the making and making a cartoon of your rap video was unseen and undone and he did it to the fullest.”

DREAM JOB: “I would love to work with Hype Williams; I grew up watching his videos. I think he is so artistic and just takes every video and body of work he does to the next level, and not to mention Belly is one of my all time favorite movies. He truly changed the game for videos in the hip-hop and R&B culture.”

SEX APPEAL: “I believe sex appeal and sexiness isn’t about how much skin you show, but how you carry yourself, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you look at someone and always how you keep yourself together. I believe in always acting like a lady, looking my very best every time I step out the house and always letting a man be the king. I know aside from my pretty face and luscious curves my mindset is what makes me sexy.”

TURN-ON: “A major turn-on for me is a man who is first a gentleman—because chivalry is never dead—and second, a man who knows how to take control. A man who will open the car door for you and turn around grab you up and put you over his shoulder when it’s that time… That’s definitely a major turn-on for me.”


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Photography courtesy of Jonathan Keitt of Designs by JK