Photography by Ellen Stagg

This is history in the making. Never has the Eye Candy of the Year competition been so thick and gooey that XXL was forced to hand out co-crowns. But such is the case this year, as Latinas Tammy Torres and Rosa Acosta annihilated the video-vixen scene with volume. While Ms. Torres spent 2009 upgrading the singles for rappers like Fabolous (“Everything, Everyday, Everywhere”) and Birdman (“Money to Blow”), Ms. Acosta provided the same service for more-easy listeners, like Mario (“Break Up”) and Drake (“Best I Ever Had” and “Forever”). Both, though, could be capping off the year with their biggest features yet: the futuristic video for Chris Brown’s first post-Rihanna single, “I Can Transform Ya.” (Spoiler alert: In the vid, the lovelies look even more out of this world).

With individual Web sites that are accumulating more hits than just about any other big-name vixens’, Tammy the sexy Cuban, with mo’ ass than Pakistan (donkey population, silly), and Rosa the Dominicana cutie, who resembles Cassie with a dream body, duked it out for the title of XXL’s ECOTY. Before the battle, check out their interview below. If you wanna help break the tie, CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite. We like ’em both. As the saying goes, double your pleasure…

So what makes y’all two so Eye-Candy-of-the-Year hot?

Rosa: I’m not a girl trying to model to become an actress or a singer. I was first a dancer and an actress, and now I’m a model. I came to the game with something new, and people like it.

Tammy: We put a lot of hard work into ourselves: working out, making sure we eat right, torturing ourselves by waking up early to do what we’ve gotta do. People always ask me what do
I do for fun. I work. I don’t watch TV. I’m always working on something new. We’re the two hardest-working girls in hip-hop.

So what would you say is the worst characteristic about your Co–ECOTY recipient?

Tammy: Worst thing about Rosa is that she’s celibate ’til 2010. [Laughs]

Rosa: I’m allowed to make out [with a guy], though! Well, worst thing about Tammy is, every time she gets a text [from a guy], she looks at her phone and squeals at it like a 13-year-old. [Laughs]

What can your fans expect from y’all in 2010?

Rosa: Well, 2010’s gonna start beautifully for me, because I’m gonna end my celibacy. [Laughs]

So on January 1, 2010, you’re just gonna go crazy on some dude and leave him bedridden?

Rosa: No, no, no, not like that. But, ummm, I’m desperate. [By then] it will’ve been six months.

Tammy: In 2010, Tammy Torres will find love! I’ve been single for years. I’ve put in a lot of hard work, and now I’m ready for a man.

So you’ve just been a playa, jumpin’ dudes?

Tammy: [Laughs] Nah, I’ve been very focused. I haven’t had anybody that I could say I have as my own.

Rosa, you’ve said you had sex seven times in one day. So what’s the most orgasms you’ve had in the same time span?

Rosa: I don’t remember, but it was probably more than seven. It was a lot of times. I can have a lot of orgasms––it’s one of my talents. And [I can have ’em] really fast. My record is 12 seconds.

Guys get crucified for that kind of speed! And your record, Tammy?

Tammy: Ooooh, I don’t know. I didn’t have no seven orgasms, but it was a lot, because I was in love. It was a long time ago, with my ex-fiancé. I think [we had sex], like, five times, but that day it lasted a long time––a long, long time. But I’m tryna break Rosa’s record in 2010. [Laughs] —Bonsu Thompson

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