Women live for compliments. To be compared to one of the world’s most iconic Black beauties just might be the ultimate praise. If so, Miami-born, Dallas-raised model Ajia (pronounced Asia) is currently living on cloud nine. Last summer, the 25-year-old mother of one, and owner of 36C-27-39 measurements, got handpicked to play the inspiration of Hurricane Chris’s underground-to-mainstream smash “Halle Berry (She’s Fine),” and is now ready to make a name for herself. If confidence is key, this redbone cutie is gonna be dope.

Playing a living legend your first video is major. How big of a Halle fan are you?

Halle is the best actress, hands down. I remember being young and watching Jungle Fever, then hearing my family say the girl from Boomerang was the same girl from Jungle Fever, and being like, “Oh my God. She’s
so pretty! When I grow up that’s who
I wanna be like.”

Did you already know you had the lead role?

Yeah. What happened was I started modeling last summer, and met Hurricane Chris’s manager at this DUB car show. He stopped me, tryna talk to me, but I was like, “No, no, I’m working.” So he tracked me down, like, two months later, called me and was like, “Look, all business. I got this Hurricane Chris video coming up: ‘Halle Berry.’ Have you heard it?” I was like, “Duh, I’m from Dallas.” He wanted me to be lead, but I didn’t believe him. Seven months later, here I am.

You and Halle have more in common than most would know. We actually thought your breasts were real.

Well, they’re real…nice. [Laughs] Real great!

We’re sensing you don’t need the confidence boost that comes with playing Ms. Berry. From one to 10, what would you give your ego?

From one to 10, the people that know me the best would probably say [my ego is] like, a 12.-Bonsu Thompson