Eye Candy: Tangie, Suelynn & Jenna

For our 100th issue, we’ve enlisted three video vixens to host the celebration. We screened the ladies with our 100-proof Q&A, and now they are ready to serve you. So sit back, relax and enjoy their bodies…Bottle service!
left to right: Tangie, Suelynn, Jenna


21 /// 5’7”
Last Seen: “I’ll Still Kill” 50 Cent feat. Akon

When you blow up, who’s the one person’s face you’d wanna rub your fame into?
The ex-boyfriend from about a year ago. He always said that modeling wasn’t a good thing and that I was changing. He just had a really bad perspective.

How many chicks have you kissed in your life?
One. Actually, she kissed me. It was different, but I’m not really into girls.

Who would you prefer to marry: a jailbird who’s well-hung or a billionaire who’s lacking behind the zipper?
The well-hung jailbird. I’m doing pretty well with the money, so I think I’d rather be satisfied sexually. Money can’t buy you good dick.

First sexual experience: blissful or awful?
It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I’m not really a shy person, so it wasn’t that I was uncomfortable, but it was like, “This is what everybody’s talkin’ about?”

How old were you when you experienced the best sex of your life?
Well, it was last week, so 21! [Laughs]


25 /// 5’11”
Last Seen: “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)” Jay-Z

When was the last time you were drunk?
September, in Las Vegas. It was the last night of the VMAs, and me and my girlfriends were at Tao. I think it was Jermaine Dupri, Nelly and Travis Barker’s party. We started the night with Champagne at the hotel and then ended up at the party, and we had more Champagne, so I was pretty tipsy.

Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?
Barack Obama. Gotta stand up for my Black people! Gotta get us in. [Laughs] Hillary’s my girl, too, so that’s a tough call, but I gotta ride with Barack.

Who on the set of the “Roc Boys” video tried to talk to you?
The dude, I think he plays football. Ummm, Larry Johnson, yeah. He was good-lookin’, but not really my type.

If your man wanted a threesome, would it be with a woman or another man?
A girl. Another man would be like a train or something.

How old were you when you experienced the best sex of your life?
I’d say 22. You know when people say, “Oh, he made me cry during [sex]”? And I never understood that, until…


21 /// 5’7”
Last Seen: “I’m So Hood (Remix)” DJ Khaled feat. Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Fat Joe and Birdman

If you had to date one rapper on the “I’m So Hood (Remix),” who would it be?
Fat Joe, because we both like to eat. We could really connect over dinner, lunch, brunch… I’ve been known to outeat men.

If the Black man is considered God, then why does he have the worst TV stations?
I don’t think that’s completely [God’s] fault. There’s human free will. He guides us, and if we choose to follow him, then…

Your first sexual experience: blissful or awful?
Well, I haven’t [lost my virginity yet]—I’m innocent. I’m boring. I don’t even like kissing. Too much spit. I need me an abstinent man.

How does a model with your attractiveness remain un-deflowered in ATL?
My mom scares me out of everything, telling me all the HIV statistics. “Atlanta’s the No. 1 blah, blah, blah with AIDS.” So I’m like, never mind.

You poor thing. Well, have you at least gotten head?
Oh no! Tongues are too slimy. I don’t need anybody licking on me.

To see more pictures of Tangie, Suelynn and Jenna, check out XXL‘s 100th issue (March 2008), on stands now!

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  • Jericho

    She might not have recieved head BUT she didn’t say she hasn’t given it…Ha…First Bitches!!!

    • K25

      Jenna is a lie…That girl ain’t no virgin! I been through that.

    • chill

      ayo chill out man, thats a pretty amazing and good thing that she ain’t runnin around like a woman whore like how most boy and girls do now a days, I won’t call you a man or a woman if you run around giving yourself up all the time

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  • http://yahoo.com CaesarDuke

    All of em looked raw too raw 4 real even da virgin LOL!

  • Mr.Wang

    Ya’ll niggas did it again.

    good work…4real.

  • T ROC
  • west side

    J3nna a1nt that tha b1tch from t1la t3qu1la show?

  • BIG O

    these bitches was wack!!!! the 3 combined cant touch angel.they look like acerage broads id holla at in the club after to much jose cuervo.

    • Darell

      Nigga neva in ur wildest dreams, they probly wouldnt lookat you twice dude. All these girls look good and whats even better is theyre natural…dat bitch angel had more work done than i dunno what. she ight face wise but body wise all that silicon in her ass and tits is a sad story bitch even had her teeth done.

    • Darell

      yo i just tried to post…i dont see it but i i was replyin to dude who said these shorties was wack. these girls all look good, and cant compare to angel cause there natural and shes siliconed out! her ass her tits and her teeth were all done in effort to make her what she is. These girls are good lookin witout all the surgery, dude u could neva pull any of these broads, not even in ur wildest dreams.

      • BIG O

        nigga yous a muthafuckin fool.i garuntee if you go to any club in dc you can find bout 30-40 broads who look better than them.the thick joint is cute and none of them are ugly they just arent eye candy.and lets talk about this angel “real” shit.to me if i can touch it see it feel it and fuck it then its real to me.holla if you feel me

        • Darell

          Dude i dont think youve seen angel before all her surgery…they had to do a lot of work to get her to look that way. dont get me wrong shes a cute chick and yea if the opportunity arose to beat i would what nigga wouldnt but if it wasnt for that fake ass body youd be runnin that average shit wit her too, thats all im tryna put out there.

  • Flymasta


  • King B

    I hit all there of them bitches esepcially the light skin jank she look like she can fuck good, and I’ll make the other girl cry worse than ol boy did her

  • prakash

    no disrespect, but all three fail in comparison to real vixens. xxl, need to re-evauluate the talent they bring in

  • Tray

    She took the “well-hung jailbird” over the tiny billionaire. What an idiot.

  • Dark Man X

    If you had to date one rapper on the “I’m So Hood (Remix),” who would it be?
    Fat Joe, because we both like to eat. We could really connect over dinner, lunch, brunch.

    Fat Joe haha lol IM LEAVING GET EM FIF

    Fat Joe would probably eat the bitch.

  • Rodjilius

    the interviewer seemed real horny cuz he definately showed in the interview

  • one shot deal

    wow she took the jailbird, i understand u want good sex but she better hope he got tested first lol probably has aids from all the raping lmao. im probably sure if hes a billionaire theres some kind of enlargment surgery or some shit like that. i’d fuck all of them though (no homo)

  • http://www.myspace.com/krazy_sexxxy_kool _str8_stylin_

    SUELYNN is my chick…I ve been down with her for the past two years…(before she was even a well known model)…If u haven’t noticed she has been in two spreads for XXL in the past…btw she is drop-dead gorgeous

    JENNA is A sexxxy hot chocolate honey…her face is gorgeous…so is the body…

    TANGIE is a man looking chick…im not hatin or nothing…but if u notice she has no neck @ all…to be a successful model u need a neck…point blank…btw where was she in the Roc Boys Video…was she the one fallin to the floor ’cause she was drunk or what…


    • Breeze

      Nigga your crazy! All of the girls look good but ur buggin when u said tangie looks like a man. my nigga ive seen her out at diffarent parties b4 and in kay slays magazine shorty is bad. these pics prob didnt showcase her good but believe me shes bad shes tall and sexy as hell. How u gave props to the other 2 but u doggin her and sayin u aint hatin, i dont remember seein them other bitches in videos..u sound like a bitch right now.

    • smitty

      lmao at the nigga sayin shortie look like a man, what kinda shit is that! What nigga sits and talks about ooh her neck aint showin nigga who cares!!! Jenna is hot sexy chocolate wit a gorgeous face but tangie look like a dude, yo my nigga some things wrong wit u!!! Or is this a bitch on here hating..must be



  • Lucky

    wow must of the worlds most beautiful women are black.

  • Durty

    Suelynn….ummm…..yeah….Im not really liking her style and shit, mainly her face, it’s the face..that shit is out of line… the other 2 descent..but that’s all descent….hate it or luv it..I dont give ah fuck

  • nolaCubana

    I respect Jenna’s answers. King made good choices on the girls, they’re average but different….angel is not cute with butt implants. Get other girls exposed on modeling other than fake-ass hoes.

  • James

    They all cute in the face, but atleast their bodies are natural and bangin. Can lola luv say the same? Hell naw!

  • James

    They all cute in the face, but atleast their bodies are natural and bangin. Can lola luv say the same? Hell naw!

  • Smitty

    I like all of them! Especially the thick one, she got a naughty lil look to her. Eye candy need to start showin more undiscovered girls like this instead of running the same broads over and over.

  • Hazn

    Its a lil somethin for everybody right here. I wanna see em again personally maybe wit there own feature or somethin, i like mine tall and thick ya heard. Tell baby girl to holla at nigga whats her myspace or somethin i wanna see more and i like the other lightskin joint a lil bit. All the niggas wit the they average shit need to cut it out like they fuckin anything better.

    • Shawn-KINGZ

      Heres tangee’s myspace http://www.myspace.com/tangeethecovergirl
      her page is private im still waitin to be aproved tho…

      shorties bad tho, jenna and the suelyn is shorties too. Im tryna find their pages…ill keep u posted.

  • Carla

    Whats up TANGEE!! I see you ma ma…you lookin good girl. My brother came the other day like yoooo look at TANGEE!! Anybody who knows you know you aint no AVERAGE BITCH!! Not now, not then not ever! XXL bring my girl back so she can put shit on smash!!! Tangee if you see this its ur girl Carla from waaay back lol

  • BookmZZ

    They all bad as a mufucka! The dark one seem betta since she claim she a “virgin”.(Rrrrriiiightt). And yall stop frontin like yall won’t smash Lola down. Cuz ya know damn well……neva mind.

  • First among barbarians

    The no. 3 never looked better, but I had to laugh reading Jenna’s remarks.

    She claims to be a virgin and says: “I don’t even like kissing. Too much spit. I need me an abstinent man.”

    A shy young virgin looking like that?

    I’ve run across women who could talk a line of shit, but that might be the ultimate, and I can’t believe she’d utter that with a straight face.

    “Tongues are too shimy. I don’t need anybody licking on me.”

    Oh please. You know someone is ringin’ that gal’s bell on a real regular basis.

  • http://antwonomous.blogspot.com Anthony

    Suelynn looks like Jennifer Freeman’s (My Wife and Kids) twin sister in the face, no? It’s ridiculous how much they look alike.

  • koolhurt

    This ladies are beautiful expecially Jenna. Love naturally beautiful girls. No plastic needed!!!

  • ohioma

    daaaaaanm they fine tell jenny with me she goin loose that virginity allright

  • bigcuz216

    These were the worst eyecandy ever. Yall could have came alot better.you need to get da girl from kiss kiss vid.tje one thatwalks buy and eveybody stops.That would have been better.

  • http://facebook.com CharlesJMarron

    Well iam a big fan from the XXL Magazine I love all the eye candy well what can i say love the women they are so hot I wish I cold go out with one of them as well to take Vida guerra out to eat some time.

  • http://faeboo.cm CharlesJ

    hello Iam a big fan from the xxl magazine well i like all the eye candy women what else can isay there all hot just like I wuold like o date vida guerra.

  • http://facebook.com CharlesJMarron

    iam a big fan of the xxl magazine well love all the eye candie women as well like Iam in love with Vida guerra.

  • Booth

    Sulyn- Very Sexy but looks too skinny. You need to eat boo boo!

    Tangie- Nice and thick just how niggas like it. Looks alot like Sincerly Ward.

    Jenna- Very sexy but you sound young and immature. What the fuck is kissing is too much spit?

    Side Bar Comments: Why the fuck would XXL put a man in the Eye Candy section? Asshole. You sound stupid, talking about bitch got no neck. YOu sounding like a Bitch right now. These girls a brand new fresh faces. XXL need to keep new faces in the Eye Candy section…not the same “fake ass & tit” Bitch

  • jmarks

    i find jennas myspace.
    it is myspace.com/jrbaby

  • Martin

    Tangie is crazy..

  • sug

    thats a shame that it took THREE BITCHES just to get on my dawg Angel’s (lola luv’s) level. and they STILL aint got nothin on her. step ya game up XXL there are prettier women (pops collar) out here for ya’ll to recruit, instead of these nut ass hoes.

  • http://bronxrap.com str8gutta1

    Come thru and check out BRONXRAP.COM!!!

  • nanalynae

    As a female I keep up with each Issue of XXL
    mag. especially the Eye Candy spread For the motivation to continue modeling. I really think that this was a step back for XXL’s Undefeated bombshells that make a cameo in ur mag. each month. bottom line. Tangie and Jenna killed it!

  • Sean_Pope

    man fuck that bitch angel, im tired of yall niggas cosignin this hoe like shes a god or some shit. the bitch is man made. fake ass, fake tits, bitch had fucked up teeth befor she went and got those fixed, bitch sounds stupid wheneva she opens her mouth she was an average stripper in d.c. before she was put together. Everytime its a new model on the scene yall niggas compare them to her, like shes the fuckin standard. If she was natural it would be a different story, then I could say DAMN but fuck outa here. Im not hating on her bc she and her team is hustlin they milking this for everythin its worth (litterally) but I am hating the fact that niggas is frontin on real beautiful woman now that this bitch was pulled from the back woods. Now dis a real nigga speaking on real shit.

  • Nyrie_BK

    What happened to buffie niggas was ridin her which was understandable cause it was all her now angel out & niggas forgot who the hell she is cause angel face looks a lil better. yall niggas got me heated cause yall praisin this plastic and tryna knock (real) good lookin women with potential to actually be models. Its funny cause all of the guys on here act like they have woman on any of their levels (angel included). I’m a woman, and I can give props to the next all three of these woman are gorgeous no disrespect to angel cause she is makin ppl talk but when it comes to real shit fuck her and her fake ass everything, yall niggas should be ashamed comparing her to real models is hilarious, compare her to a barbie!

  • its me bitches!

    Sean Pope-thanks for that…some women would rather spend money on tuition than having surgery done

  • its me bitches!


  • Dee

    Now these are real ladies!!! If I wanted a barbie I would go to toy-r-us!!!

    Stay Beautiful and Natural


    @ NYRIE



  • http://shadesoflust.blogspot.com/ John Weston

    Just beautiful. I’ll take all 3.


  • Andre

    Ya’ll nigga’s really need to stop comparing real models to angels’s fake ass (literally). These girls are all naturally pretty. Yeah they might not have a 45 inch ass, but I’ll take a gurl with a 38 inch real ass over a 45 inch fake ass anyday. All you gotta do is go on youtube and you’ll see exactly what angel looked like before all the work, theres even pictures. You can’t compare fake to natural, two separate categories.

  • Cali”co”
  • http://NewToTheStreetz@aol.com Redz

    I think Suleyn looks the best and should have had her own spread. The others girls aren’t all that to me.

  • nwtb

    them hoes damn hot

  • http://www.myspace.com/sosexisoreal Her Royal Purp

    They’re cute, nuthin 2 special tho. They look like a few of tha chicks I went 2 skoo w/. XXL does get props 4 finally givin light 2 females who r natural. I can’t stand silicone. I would never turn myself in2 a Barbie doll… eww.

  • http://myspace.com/mrhighsun80 highsun

    I hate all 3 of these hoes

  • http://xxlmag.com Shawty Reg
  • http://thepreviewchannel.tv Movie Previews

    Talking about Triple Threats

  • the sizzling machine

    dem are gud gals nonid fi hate dem ya knw