I didn’t wanna admit this, but, lately, the Eye Candy bowl has been a tad shallow. While 2002 alone introduced us to star vixens Miya, Pasha and Sundy––who would go on to acquire such notoriety that they’d need only their first names for identification––Candies of the Year aside, the last 24 months have supplied T&A void of staying power.

I can admit this today because tomorrow’s looking brighter than ever––like Brianna Amor bright! This 19-year-old has what the game’s been missing. The basic qualifications are covered: a lead role in a rap star’s video (T.I.’s “Big Things Poppin’”), an undeniable face (highlighted by PG-13 eyes and rated-R lips) and a figure so juicy it looks like it perspires nectar (34D-24-42). But what the Boston native possesses that eludes so many of today’s well-endowed women is a firm grip on reality, both a Plan A and a Plan B, and resourcefulness. Last year, while jump-starting her post–high school modeling career, Brianna found a new love that supports her vanity aspirations in more ways than one: creative design. “Instead of me waiting for photographers to touch up my photo-shoot pictures, I just went and bought Photoshop, then started touching up my own pictures,” she says. “Then I got into making my own Web pages and Web designs by teaching myself how to manipulate the [Photoshop] tools.”

2.jpgBrianna’s self-taught skills were effective enough to land her over 6,000 friends on myspace.com/enticinQbeauty, the attention of director Erik White and her very first plane ride to her very first video shoot—in less than a year. “I was supposed to be the main girl for T-Pain’s video ‘Bartender,’” she begins. “My intentions were to just do that video, but the casting director was like, ‘You’re in ATL, and there are a bunch of video [shoots] going on—you should do T.I.’s.’ So I went [to the “Big Things Poppin’” shoot] and was surprised that they made me a lead. I wasn’t even supposed to be there.”

But as quickly as the 5-foot 2-inch cutie received her initial modeling triumph, her first cold lesson followed. “In ‘Bartender,’ I was supposed to be the lead, but when I got on set, T-Pain had already picked this girl named Aundrea, who was in XXL [Eye Candy] before,” Brianna tells. “She wound up being the lead, and I was the extra. It made me realize that you can go from the top to the bottom really fast.”

But with two castings and an equal number of high-rotation videos under her lucky belt, Brianna is in a prime position to be hip-hop’s next top model. The key is remaining conscious of what she wants, as well as what she doesn’t. “No low-budget videos,” she affirms. “I can’t go backwards. Every model goes through Smooth and Black Men just to get up to Eye Candy. I haven’t done any of those magazines, and I’m already here.”

Now comes the hard part, honey.