Being memorable should be a video model’s No. 1 goal. That is, unless you’re new face Brittany Dailey. In a little more than six months, the 20-year-old Black and Irish split has built a streak of superstar video appearances by not being a familiar face. “Nobody knows my ethnicity,” says the Sacramento-born, Denver-raised and L.A.-residing looker. “I get all types of different roles because of that. In the Akon and Snoop video [“I Wanna Love You”], the way they cut my hair, I looked Asian. Then, in other videos, I’ll look Spanish or Black or White. It’s like, ‘We don’t know what she is, so we can make her this.’”

What Brittany is, clearly, is in demand. After landing her first video [Lloyd Banks’ “Help”] last year, the Westside wonder went on a Golden State Warriors–type run, spicing videos for the legendary (Snoop’s “Boss’ Life”), the wild (Pretty Ricky and Sean Paul’s “Push It Baby”) and the hood (Lil Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down”). Today, her streak is as alive as it is strong––you can catch her doll face and crème-coated 34D-24-37 package playing the house of mirrors inside 50 Cent’s “Amusement Park” or holding The Game down in Nas’ “Hustlers” visual. And it has all come unpremeditated. “A lot of times, you’ll get cast as just a feature, but it could change once you get on set,” says Brittany, speaking way beyond the single year of video experience. “Like Lloyd Banks’ video. If you look at the girl they cast to be the lead, you’ll notice they show me way more than her.”

eye-candy2.jpgBrittany is a late bloomer. Though her mom started her modeling at age six, the city of Denver had little to no vanity market. Love didn’t land her first gig until she moved back to California at 18, to be discovered by a Lowrider magazine editor while working at Hooters. Less than two years later, she’s optic dessert for the entire world. Still, the princess of Titanium Girlz management sees herself as nowhere near perfect. “If I could change something, I would have longer legs and a shorter torso,” she reveals. “I’ve always had a longer torso. When I was younger, I couldn’t wear a one-piece bathing suit because it wasn’t long enough. Like, what if I wanted to be on a swim team or something? I can’t swim, but what if I did?” she says, laughing.

Since new torsos weren’t on sale, the Aries changed what she could. She reveals that, even before her cups were a capital A, she knew one day she’d throw some D’s on that bitch. “None of the women in my family are busty, so I knew I wasn’t gonna have [sizable breasts],” she tells. “When I was younger, my arms and stomach were muscular—I felt like a dude. So I saved up my money to get ’em done when I turned 18.” She even asked for mom’s blessing! “My mom is the coolest. She was just like, ‘You can have ’em as long as you pay for ’em.’” Here’s to teaching your child independence.

------- See more pics of Brittany in XXL’s July 2007 issue (#93)