On the average Joe’s dream chart, few fantasies rank higher than the menage o’ three. A trifecta of pleasure with a set of twin sisters, though, definitely trumps. The pre–clone age conquest, if you will. But it’s that very desire that’s fueled the successful six-year modeling career of identical siblings Debra Glenn and her older sis (by five minutes) Joyce, 22.

Before the double dip of coffee cream turned legal, they landed their first casting and video (Dungeon Family’s “Trans DF Express”) in the same day. For the next two years, their streak remained—they snatched every gig they auditioned for (Bow Wow and Baby’s “Let’s Get Down,” R. Kelly and The Game’s “Playas Only” and G-Unit and Joe’s “Wanna Get To Know You”), but then the drought hit. “There was a phase where the more curvaceous women were big on the scene, and obviously we don’t fit that description,” tells Debra, the more conservative twin. “We’re cute and have a very commercial, clean look, so at that point in time we weren’t working. But now they’re starting to hire real models again in videos and pay them more.”

While the big-booty phase peaked, the Atlanta residents didn’t starve at all. The Pisces used their striking facial features and all 130 inches of bronzed, smooth skin to score major catalogue and editorial work. But thanks in part to their manager, Jonathan Barum (a triplet himself), the second half of 2006 witnessed a regeneration of the Glenn girls’ MTV and BET wattage. The results were feature roles in two of today’s top rotators, Jim Jones’ “We Fly High (Remix)” and Baby and Lil Wayne’s “Leather So Soft.”

Having to share everything from paychecks to attention could cause some catfights, but that’s never the case. “I love [being a twin],” beams Debra. “I love working with her. We’re best friends. Wherever I’m lacking, she’s strong. We make a good team.”

eye-candy2.jpgWith such chemistry and adoration for each other, it’s a wonder whether the sisters share everything. Disappointingly, though the twins are usually attracted to the same men, they aren’t interested in granting any fantasies. But when their four eyes are honed in on a particular male, the two do grant a dream decision. “We just let them choose and whoever they like better, they can be with,” says Debra. But according to the more outgoing twin, Joyce, the option isn’t presented until she and sis have had a little fun first. “We play with guys a lot. Like, if you’re showing interest in us and you can’t choose, we say, ‘Oh honey, you don’t have to.’ We just tell ’em what they wanna hear.”

Cruel jokes aside, what J&D are really interested in is pursuing their true passion: acting. So don’t be surprised if you’re seeing double next fall. “Pilot season is coming up, and we wanna read for sitcoms,” says Joyce. “Sitcoms aren’t doing too well, because of reality TV, but we would still love to do television, even if it was a soap opera or feature film.”

Regardless of program, there will be some guy somewhere watching with checklist in hand––guaranteed.


See more pictures of the Glenn twins in XXL’s March 2007 issue (#89)