eyecandy1.jpgYou may remember Bria working her chocolate lumps in 50 Cent and Mobb Deep’s “Have a Party” video last winter. This summer, you might’ve seen the 22-year-old using bills to fan her flames in the Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too” visual. This fall, you couldn’t have missed the hottie and her fatty effortlessly helping Chingy and Jermaine Dupri endorse denim in “Dem Jeans.” But each time you saw the North Hollywood neighbor, you probably assumed her personality paralleled her California residency. You couldn’t have been more wrong. Bria is simply a regular girl with a model’s body, and sometimes the two get in each other’s way. “My manager feels like I shouldn’t go out at all, because I’m supposed to be creating this fantasy for guys and not be so accessible,” says the South Central native. “He feels, when I’m in the club, I should be sitting looking beautiful. Noooo. I like to get down, and when I dance, I like to dance with regular guys.”

Her public alter ego might even have cost the private Bria her boyfriend of five years. Ready to wed and start a family, she began to experience relationship turbulence the more in demand she became on video sets. Cutie blames the breakup on her ex’s insecurities regarding her long chain and big watch–wearing co-workers. “He was intimidated by the rappers,” she explains. “When you do something wrong and you do videos, you’re ‘Hollywood.’ So he started using the term a lot. I ain’t made it where
I wanna make it and ain’t got the money I wanna have, so I’m far from Hollywood.”

eyecandy2.jpg While fellas nationwide will be left befuddled at how a heterosexual male would allow a luscious wifey such as Bria to slide away, a sense of newfound luck must be felt abroad. Young, beautiful, ripe and on the rebound is this Ms. New Booty. Though getting to enjoy girls’ night out more often has made her wildflower side smile, it has failed to satisfy her deeper, romantic side. “I enjoy the single life, but at times, I don’t wanna be single,” she almost sings. “I wish I had that somebody I could call on so I’m not at home by myself all the time. I can’t call on [my ex-boyfriend]. He’s honestly turned his back on me.”

But there’s also a hustler inside that Hershey’s Kiss of a figure. It has helped Bria move forward by focusing on her career. Teaming outside-the-box marketing with her beauty, the aspiring singer intends to fully capitalize on her sprouting video career via her own Web site (briamyles.com) and multimedia DVD. Keen promotional tactics aside, this brick house is still just an average girl with average tastes. “People always think I’m the type to date a football player, but I like skinny guys,” she confesses, before making herself crystal clear. “No, I love skinny guys. I like the way their clothes fit ’em. Just give me an average-height guy, like 5’9” or 5’10”, that’s skinny, and I’m good.”

You’re starting to understand a little more how Janet and Jermaine happened, aren’t ya?
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December 2006 issue (#87)