Things are looking up for the video world’s next hot Latina, Gypsy (her real birth name). This time last year, the Dominican Republic transplant was in an abusive marriage, juggling an infant and a small child, while searching for her next career move. Today, this juicy fruit’s future doesn’t have a single cloud in the sky, after somehow adding dimensions of color to southern Miami in Rick Ross’ “Hustlin” video. While her tasty debut led to magazine shoots and other vanity opportunities, the 23-year-old’s good fortune didn’t truly begin until after she rid her life of its oppression. “I’m divorced from my husband. We separate four months, now divorced,” she says in patchwork English. “He jealous a lot. No good man. Then he comes with violence. It no work.”

Despite being one of billions of classic cases of a gem once mistreated by its caretaker, these days Gypsy couldn’t be happier. She is finally able to focus on her passions without restriction or interruption. And though her priority numero uno is motherhood, the colada wants to try to give her merengue singing career another boost, taking her cue from the recent reggaeton explosion. But for now, she’s still paying the bills with her newfound employment. “Modeling now is temporary. It’s my job. But I like it more singing.”

82eyecandy2.jpg When she’s not working, she’s just trying to live life. “I’m happy single,” she continues. “My friends tell me in New York summer is crazy, a lot of hang out, a lot of party. When I come here I’m married. So this is my first summer single. No more boyfriend now!”

This summer could find some lucky señor a jackpot winner or brokenhearted, courtesy of Señorita Gypsy. Either way, it will be an experience worth having. A translator may be necessary, but one glance and you’ll see that this beauty’s nonverbal communication compares to Sonia Sanchez’s verses—straight poetry in motion. “I think the sexiest part of my body are my breasts and my lips,” reveals Gypsy. “I say this because people have told me this, not because I think so. But I believe I am good all around.”

Standing 5-foot-9-inches tall, with a curvaceous figure that’s nothing less than caliente, Gypsy may very soon be the hot item on more video sets than on New York City dance floors. In either scene, mommy’s ready to give it her all and have a blast doing it. That leaves the window of opportunity open for the man who’s ready for a relationship that already comes with the spice. But does that include rappers and singers? “Yeah, why not? It would be a privilege that somebody famous would ask me out,” she answers with a shrug. “But a real relationship. I don’t want [him] to use me. It doesn’t matter if rapper or sports man. I’ve had bad relationships before, so now I’m looking for somebody to treat me very good.” How hard can that be?