“Extras get treated like shit,” says new face Piarry, in the midst of breaking down the difference between being a feature model on a video set and not. “Main roles get you special treatment [like] hanging out with the artists. [Extras] don’t get paid as good, and most of the time when it comes to hair and makeup, they come as is. Leads get a nice spread in XXL,” she says with a smile. This 21-year-old Trinidadian and Haitian colada should know. With a modeling career that’s only 1-and-a-half year old, she has experienced both sides of the scene. With manager Jonathan T. Baram’s guidance, she has gone from background light in Snoop’s “Let’s Get Blown” video to shining in Nelly and Diddy’s hot tub for Biggie’s “Nasty Girl” tribute.

If Piarry has it her way, the professional escalator ride that she’s currently on won’t be stopping anytime soon. With an associate’s degree in fashion design and heavy play on your favorite video countdown already in tow, the Boston-born, New York–raised doll, who currently resides in Detroit, is ready to pursue her thespian dreams. After shooting a pilot where she cohosts with DJ Clue for a possible MTV program Behind the Mic, love’s start is right around the corner. Her inspiration? An actress who ain’t too hard on the eyes, either. “Halle Berry can do it all, comedy, be a crackhead. Plus, she’s from Detroit,” explains Piarry. She’ll quickly pump the breaks on anyone expecting to see her and Billy Bob Thorton in a coffee-table scene anytime soon. “I can’t come off the bat with that. Let me get a few years under my belt first, couple movies, some millions first,” she says laughing.

78-ec_piarry-2sm.jpg While this Pisces intends to swim up Hollywood’s stream, she may never land a role that fits her better than her birth name. Hindu for “my love,” or “sweetheart,” Piarry’s name goes beyond her lovely frame and sugar-coated eyes. She feels she exemplifies the definition inside and out. “It’s funny ’cause I never knew what my name meant until a year ago, but it’s so me,” she confirms. “I’m a real lovey-dovey-type chick, like real cheesy. I’m all into romance and flowers and candy.”

So it should be no surprise that this traffic-stopper has been in a relationship with her high school sweetheart for the last four years. The surprise may be how difficult it’s been for her to maintain that union. While the glue has been honesty (“If there’s no trust, what’s the point?”), her boyfriend’s current insecurity (“We just had a fight ’cause people keep telling him stuff”) and her past infidelity (“Shit happens”) have brought her intimate island some tumultuous storms.

But having just reached the age that allows her to drink legally, and recently entered into a business that discourages commitment, is young Piarry really ready to remain on that one island for the rest of her life? “It’s hard to have a happy relationship when you’re pursuing anything in the industry, but we’ll see,” she says. “I could think I could do it, but I’ve been fooled before.”