2006/01-02.buffie/1_sm.jpgBuffie the Body is like nothing you’ve ever seen. She did one video, yet you’ve had www.buffiethebody.com on your monitor for the last six months. You’ll surely have her 2006 calendar, Larger Than Life, on your walls twice as long. Right now, just enjoy a second helping of the chocolate scoops that made your blood pressure hit the roof.

You’ve had a pretty big year. How have you been dealing with being an overnight celeb?
It’s nice as far as how people treat me now. I been hosting parties all over the United States, so I’ve been working constantly. Everybody been showing me love, everybody.

No chicks hatin’?
I’ve been getting a lot of love from females and males. But, yeah, I get people e-mailing me crazy stuff about… This one female e-mailed me something like, “You’re a disgrace to Black women. You’re the reason Black women’s relationships don’t go right with they men, because you’re out here ass-naked.” I’m not intelligent because I use my body to get what I want and stuff, she went on and on. I’m like, where did this come from? But most e-mails I get are positive, from females asking me what I eat, asking me for advice. I even get females sending me pictures, like, “You think I got what it takes?”

What do you feel about homegirl’s comments?
It don’t bother me. At first you like, “Damn, why?” Then I’m like, man, I’m not paying no attention to that ’cause there’s always gonna be people who don’t like what I’m doing. You cannot please everybody. As long as 97 percent of the people are pleased, and it gotta be 97 percent because look at all I’ve done.

2006/01-02.buffie/main.jpgWhat’s your groupie list looking like? Any entertainers holla’n?
[Laughs] Yeah. Football, basketball, rappers, singers, everybody’s trying to holla. But I cannot name any names. I’m not trying to put nobody on blast.

You still got that boyfriend?
Yeah, but I think he’s getting fed up. He started tripping a little bit. He saying I’m never home, I’m not paying him any attention and he’s feeling neglected. So he might be out looking for somebody else. I might be without a boyfriend in the next couple of months.

Really? You cool with that?
I’m supposed to stop modeling to be with him? If I wanted him to quit his job he wouldn’t quit his job to be with me. He done built a life for him, so now I’m trying to build one for me. I wanna keep him, but I don’t like to be stressed.

You’re Eye Candy of the Year, but you’ve actually only done one video. You plan on doing a second?
Yeah, my first video was up North, so I wanna work with somebody down South. I’ve had like five other video offers just off of Tony Yayo’s video—the Mike Jones and Ying Yang Twins video [“Badd”], David Banner’s “Play” video and the Twista video [“Girl Tonite”]. But I always have things booked, so I have to turn the video down. I’m from down South, so whoever’s the biggest name down South, I wouldn’t mind doing a video with them.