73ec1_sm.jpgHey Summer,
I’m writing just to let you know that I’ve seen all of your new video appearances and you are the truth! Is your name real? How’d you start doing videos? I first saw you coming out the shower in Trillville’s “Some Cut” video (were you really naked?), but most recently I saw you pumping iron with David Banner in his “Play” joint. And boy, did your body look right in that silver dress in the Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones’ “Badd.” Is it true that you’re only 20 years old? Is it also true that your double-Ds are real? I don’t mean to sound perverted, but I talk about you to my boys all the time, and I would love to get to know you a little better. I’m single. Are you? I also heard you live in Atlanta. I hear that all pretty girls in Atlanta strip. Hope you’re an exception. We should be together.

Your biggest fan
P.S. I’m not a Stan.

73ec2_sm.jpg Hey you,
Yeah, people think my name is a stripper name. It’s my real name and not after a season either. My dad named me after Miss America. Summers was her last name, so he just took the “s” out. I was born in Beaumont, Texas, outside of Houston. I’ll be 21 on September 28. I’m a Libra.

Modeling is a form of creativity. It’s a way that I can show my emotions through my attitude and body movement. Both my parents are mixed. My father is Native American and Black, and my mother, Creole French, Italian and Hispanic.

My first video happened when I ran into one of the directors of Fat Cats, Randy, on the set of Brooke Valentine’s “Girlfight.” He stopped me and said, “Do you do videos?” I was like, “No,” and he was like, “You should,” and invited me to the Trillville casting. For the shower scene, I wasn’t completely nude. I had a bikini under.

I have a plan. Videos are fine, but I wanna progress. I’ve been taking acting classes, and I figured modeling would be a great way to put my face out there. Anyone need to holla for work, hit me at mssummerwalker.com or diamondzandpearlz.com.

Single? I have an understanding. Nobody wants to be restricted, so the person I’m with, we understand what to and what not to do. I want a relationship. I want love. But I’m not ready for it.

I feel like the body is beautiful. I ain’t sayin’ I’ma run around flashing everybody like, “Look at my beautiful titties!” [LOL], but the body without clothes on is a work of art. You have to be comfortable with yourself. My breasts are real. I’ve been this size since the seventh grade. Imagine being this size, running track. You run hard enough, you could catch a black eye [LOL]. I wouldn’t trade ’em for nothing.

Stripping just ain’t for me. I’d feel degraded. Growing up, I had a very serious case with a man. It wasn’t rape but it was forceful, and I was a virgin at the time. I was 16. So, I’m still recovering mentally. So, stripping is something I can’t do. Plus, I’m not here for easy money.

With love,
Summer Walker