71ec1_sm.jpg“Ass could’ve won the Horse Awards.”
—Kanye West, “Last Call”

No matter where I go, it’s always about my butt, my butt, my butt. Not my feet. Not: “Where you from?” Not: “What’s your name?” Just my butt, and it’s been like that for the last six years. It started ’cause I used to be real slim. But I ain’t like being skinny, so I talked to my doctor about gaining weight. He gave me some appetite stimulants, and I started going to GNC for weight-gainers. I went from like 120 [pounds] to 163. I’m 160 now. My butt was never flat—it was round, but it was smaller. So when I gained weight, most of it went to the area between my knees and my waist. When I gained all this weight, it was always, “Is that real?” If I’m in a club dancing, they be like, “Can I touch it?” Girls too! So I be like, “Touch it,” ’cause I know it’s real.

I was born in Athens, Ga., but when my butt got big, I started dancing in Atlanta. People always think that girls in Atlanta’s butts are fake. I know that, ’cause I go to different cities to dance. I don’t drink or do drugs. Some girls dance, but they’re not really about their money, ’cause they got habits—it’s almost worse than having a boyfriend. But I shouldn’t say that, ’cause I got a boyfriend. I guess I’m still with him, ’cause he don’t stress me [about stripping]. I wonder how he gonna feel about me doin’ the modeling and videos.
71ec2_sm.jpgOne of the guys from G-Unit seen my pictures and contacted me like, “Yayo got a video coming up. He seen your pictures and wants you in the video.” The dude e-mailed me two or three times, ’cause I didn’t think it was real. I finally hit him back, and that’s when I talked to Jay Johnson [G-Unit A&R Coordinator], who put me on the phone with Yayo. They contacted me at least once a week up until the video, and then it happened. The producer called me in [a day early] like, “We just wanted to look at your hair and makeup.” I was like, “Why would y’all do my hair on Saturday when the shoot ain’t until Sunday night?” So [when I met 50 on set], I said, “I’m not even supposed to be here.” He just laughed like, “Yeah, I told ’em to call you in. I wanted to see if it was real.”

I wouldn’t be in Yayo’s video if my butt was flat. I started off doing all this modeling stuff with, not a Website, but a little free Yahoo! [service] with some pictures on it. My Website, buffiethebody.com, wasn’t even launch yet. So I wouldn’t be sitting in New York, talking to you, if my butt was flat.

I’ve never been the type of person to exercise. I’ve always done crunches, ’cause what’s the sense of having a big butt if you got a big stomach? It takes away from having a big butt. So I tell girls, don’t run to your plastic surgeon with a picture of me and say, “I want a butt like this,” ’cause it ain’t come from no surgeon. It came from good genes.