The sexy side of hip-hop

Vanessa B, Mrs. Officer [Web Candy x Gallery]

Photography courtesy of William Ortiz REPS: Harrisburg, PA and Steelton, PA STATS: 34B-26-38 CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Signing to Roseay Models in NY, being featured in Maino's "Let it Fly" and "About that Life” videos. Everything I've been doing and starting to do are all my blessings and accomplishments. There will be more to see from me...” FAVORITE ARTIST: “Nas, hands down, is my favorite rapper. To me he is a poet. I love how vivid his lyrics are, and he's creative with the stories he tells. I always thought Nas was ahead of his time. He'll always be my favorite.” FAVORITE VIDEO: “Common, ‘I Used to ...

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