Just in time for the summer, New York City welcomes the biggest weekly hip-hop event at Webster Hall. House Party launched on April 3rd, transforming Webster Hall into a scene out of, well, House Party. Every Thursday from 10 p.m.-4 a.m., each floor in the venue will be showcasing a different style. Also women will never pay admission to House Party, and in keeping with the 90's theme, anyone sporting a flattop hair cut will skip the line and enter free of charge.

At the helm of Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom will be marquee hip-hop vanguard Just Blaze alongside NY mainstay DJ Soul. What's the first thing that comes to mind when Just Blaze thinks of a house party? "Kid 'n Play," says Just Blaze. "But  in terms of this, we're trying to build it as a house party, feeling good, bunch of friends playing together. Under this roof we all worked together or DJ'd together in some capacity so everybody knows each other and it's pretty much a friendly vibe among us. That's the vibe we want to create."

Just Blaze is a hip-hop legend, but is well-versed in many different genres of muisc. The same can be said about this event. "You don't want the entire thing to be a rap party or a house party or techno party," Just Blaze said. "We want this to be a representation of what music is today, it's becoming a melting pot now. You have so many different genres bending music right now and I think everybody here is kind of in the forefront of that music. From myself to  Jasmine Solano to Dirty South Joe and DJ Sliink, we all created music that encompasses different genres, why not put it all in one place."

So what's a house party memory of Just Blaze that sticks out to him? "Now that I can't say on record."

Webster Hall is Located at 125 E. 11th Street, NYC. Admission will be $15 for gentlemen before midnight with RSVP, $25 after, and free for ladies all night. Advance tickets can be purchased at Websterhall.com