Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have been going in on each other these past few days on social media, but it wasn't all beef between the both, as the now nemesis were once best friends, and the world definitely got to see their great relationship on HBO's 24/7.

Besides the cameras focusing on Mayweather's training and preparation, they would also highlight the unique bond between the rapper and the boxer, a bond that according to Mayweather in one of the clips below, was formed off 'realness' and their villainous ways. 50 and Mayweather even introduced us to their 'Money Phone,' a phone made up of $100 bills stacked up like a brick, that only millionaires such as Fiddy and Money May could own.

Those were the good times between 50 and Mayweather, but as we know, people change and love changes, and best friends become strangers, or in this matter, enemies. Check out below some of the best moments of 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather on HBO's 24/7.